Are you ready for a Challenge?!

So, Meimei, with all your woolly masses and fancy new knitting needles, are you ready for a Challenge?


Yes, I am asking you for a challenge. (Picture Credit:

Seriously though, since The Boobook has banned you from adding more fancy wool from Etsy to your stash, I’m going to challenge you to completing at least THREE projects by the end of 2016.

The projects have to include one or more of the following elements – feel free to combine them in whatever manner you wish:

  • A gift for the Aged P that she will actually use on more than one occasion
  • An Infinity Scarf
  • A fancy beret that is not a pathetic beanie hat.
  • A project showcasing  a completely new technique
  • A project using a little-used technique that you tend to avoid because it requires some practice

P.S. I don’t suppose your new knitting needles will also include PVC pipes for making cuddly blankets using giant wool.

P.P.S. Also, if you use this knitting machine, you don’t need to do three projects.


3 thoughts on “Are you ready for a Challenge?!

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