Kid-friendly snacks: BeBeMi Organic Baby Snacks – A Product Review (and exclusive discount code!)

Now that Thumper is weaned onto solid foods, I have been encouraging him to self-feed more often. Self-feeding is a great way to encourage independence, and practice those fine motor skills, and it is also great for prolonging mealtimes by keeping little hands occupied so that mummy can finish her noodles using both hands.

However, it is a challenge to find healthy snacks in different textures and flavours that are non-messy. Although he loves his rice puffs from Heinz and Plum Organics, I have been hoping to find something with a little bit more variety. This is why I was really excited to have a chance try out the range of organic snacks from Korean brand, BeBeMi, which comes in a very impressive variety of shapes, textures and flavours.


BeBeMi Organic Baby Snacks in an assortment of shapes (Left to Right: Petite, Ring, Rice Cake and Stick) and flavours (Left to Right: Curry, Lemon, Lotus Root, Brown Rice). 

These rice-based snacks are made from 100% organic ingredients, have contain no sugar, salt, artificial colouring, synthetic additives or preservatives and they are not only delicious but healthy. After trying them out over the last few weeks, I have to say that they appeal to all three of my kids (and myself), not just little 18 month old Thumper!

What I find particularly interesting about that is that the larger sized biscuits (the BeBeMi Rice Cake Biscuit and BeBeMi Stick), although they are not baked or fried in oil, will still provide a satisfying snap and crunch before melting away in the mouth. This is fantastic because it doesn’t make a big mess on the hands or on the table, and little teething kids who have not yet gotten the hang of chewing can still enjoy a crunchy snack without the risk of choking on large chunks.

The smaller sized cereals (the BeBeMi Petite and BeBeMi Ring) can be eaten on their own or with plain yoghurt as part of breakfast, and they are much much softer in texture but with a stronger flavour. I don’t recommend eating them with milk, though, as they will disintegrate!



Thumper’s favourite – the BeBeMi Sticks

I am most impressed with the range of flavours that are available – sweet fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, strawberry and carrot, savouries like broccoli and spinach, mildly sour and refreshing lemon but by far my favourites are the complex flavours like curry (non-spicy of course), pomegranate, shitake mushroom lotus root.

Such a great way to tempt even the most picky eaters!

Buyer’s Note: Bebemi is exclusively distributed in Singapore by Totsworld (who also sent me the samples to try out) and each packet retails at SGD$8.90. Bebemi products are also available at all OG and BHG departmental stores, 1010 Mother and Child and at Redmart.

A Special for Owls Well Readers: You can purchase 2 packets for $14 or 4 packets + 1 free packet for $28 from Totsworld you key in the code OWLSWELL during checkout.

Adventures in New Zealand: Wonderful Wanaka – Cardrona and Karawau Gorge

We’re blogging over at Owl Fly Away today!

Owl Fly Away

Today, we decided to take another gander over the Crown Range Drive and stop at the town of Cardrona.

Cardrona is one of New Zealand’s gold rush towns that sprang up in the 1860s alongside the Cardrona river. The town itself is now home to a few historical buildings and is mostly known for it’s alpine resort and ski-field.

cardrona-hotel-restaurant-new-zealand Stopping on the Crown Range Road at Cardrona, where we inspect the site of our dream house (wishful thinking!)

It wasn’t wintertime when we were visiting, so we parked our car near the picturesque Cardrona Hotel, and went for a little ramble by the riverside. We picked a trail that is normally used for horse treks, so it was quite well marked out – although we did have to step around a few piles of manure at times!

cardrona-walk-wildlife-bird-bridge A riverside ramble

It was pretty relaxing tramping through the countryside…

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