Birth Stories: A Blog Train Hosted By Owls Well

11866474_10153411125380202_4867820037871610566_nEverybody has a different experience during those last few weeks of pregnancy and the during the birth process. For some, it involves carefully planning a C-section with a doctor beforehand, for others it involves inviting a birth coach into the labour ward to perform hypnotherapy, but in every case it is an exciting time for all, culminating in the first anxieties and joys of parenthood.

One thing that stands out to me is that no pregnancy or childbirth will ever follow a clinical textbook description nor even the dramatised versions of it on TV or in the movies. The experience of childbirth is unique to every parent and it’s interesting to see how people cope with the birthing process – especially when things do not go exactly as planned!

Each week on this blog train, we will be visiting some of my favourite bloggers-who-are-parents who will be telling us about their birth stories. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!

(Links on this page will be updated as each post goes live)

11 August

Owls WellHere Comes J (or, when to get that Epidural)

18 August

Simply Lambchops: The Birth of K (or, I did it without Epidural)

25 August

 Owls Well : Little E makes a big entrance (or, Labour – True or False?)

1 September

Bubsicles : Aidan’s birth, 3.5 years on

8 September

Life in the Wee Hours : David’s Birth Story told by Daddy

15 September

Tan Family Chronicles : The Birth of Isaac The First

16 September:

Tan Family Chronicles : The Birth Story of the Twins, Asher & Shawna

22 September

Mum in the Making : Thankful Tuesday:First Birth

29 September

Life Is In The Small Things : Noey’s Birth Story – Seven Years On

6 October

Mummy Wee : Birth Stories of My 6 Children

13 October

Mum’s Calling : The First Birth

20 October

Owls Well : Thumper pops in (or, Serving an eviction notice written in Raspberry Leaf Tea)

27 October

A Million Little Echos : Birth Stories By Daddy:Ewan and Faye

3 November

A Pancake Princess : David

10 November

Meeningfully : Jonas’ birth story – an overdue post

17 November

Sanses : Birth Story Revisited

24 November

Sengkang Babies : We Planned For 2 Kids but Ended Up With 4

8 December

Mummy Chuck : Jaden’s Birth Story 

15 December

The Chill Mom : 24 Things I Wish I Knew About Childbirth and Postpartum Recovery

22 December

The “Perfect” Father : Our (Last) Birth Story

29 December

PrayerFull Mum : Christmas Delivery

5 Jan 2016

Don’t Put All Your Diapers Into One Diaper Bag : The last time the oven bell dinged

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