Boxing Day bonus: Through the eyes of a toddler

Amongst all the footage I had for the Advent 2017 daily vlogs, I found that 2 year old Thumper had helped himself to my GoPro camera (I occasionally allowed J and Little E to contribute to the main videos) and it was so interesting to see his point of view!

So…I decided to edit his little videos together.


I didn’t change the camera speed at all, so what you see on the video is exactly what Thumper is looking at. He jiggles the camera about whilst he’s running around the place (he never walks), but I love it that when he’s focussed on something, he holds the camera completely still. Usually this happens when he’s looking at people, which just shows you what a social little character he is.

P.S. Check out our Christmas and Advent posts here with lots of crafty fun for the season and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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