Challenge Accepted!


I accept your challenge and raise you a new challenge!

Since I’ve been watching waaay too much Masterchef, I have decided that you will have to make delicious things.  Also, you have an oven, and mine is broken.  So, for your challenge, I want you to bake all of the things so that I can live vicariously through you!

Since you had 5 challenges, I will challenge you to bake the following:

  • A pie of some description.
  • Something savoury that isn’t a pie (you’ve already made a pie!)
  • A traditional dessert (this one doesn’t have to be baked, it can be steamed)
  • A bread
  • Entertain a dinner guest using ONLY food that has been in the oven at some point (a baked dinner!)

Sounds fair?

To start the challenges off, here’s something I prepared earlier!

FullSizeRender (1)

A shawl for the Aged P!

Since I had a whole bunch of lace yarn, I decided to make a pretty yellow shawl for the Aged P to wear on her many cruises.  It should match most of her wardrobe.  The pattern for this shawl comes out of Jane Sowerby’s Victorian Lace Today and is notorious for being one of the most difficult to complete, but I think that it’s quite flattering.


Upper Lace Honeycomb Pattern

And it combines two different lace patterns too!


Lower lace Butterfly Pattern

So, booyeah!

Since this was something I prepared earlier, you can decide if it counts towards the challenge.  If not, I know that the Aged P likes tea cosies, and might make one as well.


6 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

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