We were strolling in the park one day...

Owls Well in New Zealand

Owls Well is the story of two owls, their adventures at home and around the world, and their different perspectives on the same subjects.

Debs and Becky are sisters who live vastly different lives, but remain close together even though they’re miles apart.  After all, owls well that ends well.

About Debs

Debs is a Sunda Scops Owl who married a nice British Barn Owl and is raising a trio of hungry young owlets in a cosy nook in England. Debs is a trained medical professional who is currently training to be A Parent. Debs also blogs about her adventures abroad at Owl Fly Away. Occasionally, she posts pictures on her Instagram account at @4owlswell

Check out Debs portfolio here.

You can E-mail Debs at 4owlswell(at)gmail.com.

About ABC (aka A Becky C or Australian Based Chinese)

Becky is a Burrowing Owl who has taken up residence in a New Castle with her beloved Southern Boobook, two rats and a pair of rabbits!  She balances full-time work with her many hobbies, her friends and all those things that happen in life.

You can E-mail Becky at selphie.trabia(at)gmail.com.

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