An SG50 Party

With Singapore’s 50th National Day coming up, everyone over here in Singapore is getting all excited about the upcoming SG50 National Day Parade, which has been practising hard over the last few weeks.

SG50 parties are popping up all over the place, and the Aged P decided to throw a small potluck party with some home cooked dishes given an SG50 twist!

A vegetable dish, A pasta dish and A SG50 Funpack

A vegetable dish, A pasta dish and A SG50 Funpack

The Aged P made the vegetable dish with white radish, wongbok cabbage and carrots boiled in a clear chicken broth with dried scallops and shiitake mushrooms. You can see she layered the vegetables with the white radish slices on top, then added a crescent moon and five stars carved from carrot.

Our good ole Uncle J-the-chef made one of his chinese-italian fusion pastas with ’50’ spelled out in cherry tomatoes and quail eggs dyed red.

We also had a Red food (Foochow noodle soup made with red yeast) and White drinks (Soya bean juice), but I think that a traditional Teh Tarik (made according to the instructions on my SG50 ‘funpack’) would be fun for a party too!

We’re going to meet with the Aged Ps at their place on the 9th of August (actual SG50 day) and watch the National Day Parade and enjoy the fireworks on TV together in air-con comfort.

For people who are too far away to enjoy an SG50 party, you can still celebrate in your own way – you can check out the Owls Well SG50 Playlist or you can make just like A Becky Lee, who went to have a very special SG50 themed manicure!

So patriotic and fashionable!

So patriotic and fashionable!



14 thoughts on “An SG50 Party

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  2. I love the SG50 dishes, so creative. And those nails, amazing! I would love to have family gatherings on NDP, because a strong society starts with strong family units! 😀

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