SG50 Jubilee Celebrations around the web

Happy SG50 public holiday! We’ve got an extra public holiday this year in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. There have been so many posts all around the web and here are a few of our favourites:

A gorgeous photo series of a yellow bicycle touring some of our iconic sites.

A handy guide for families (and photographers) looking for the best vantage points to catch some parade action – including a timetable of when to look to the skies!

Some lovely reflections on the Singapore spirit and the SG50 celebrations.

Thankful thoughts at the picturesque Bedok Reservoir Park.

These birthday dreams and wishes for an even better Singapore.

beautifully written post about remembering the little moments that make up the Singapore experience.

Here’s a giveaway of a super cute travel compendium of old school board games given a uniquely Singaporean twist!

This exhaustive roundup of SG50 activities and free programmes taking place over this long weekend.

A great play-by-play account of the SG50 NDP preview as well as some useful tips for the day itself!

Little reminders as to what makes this little island our home.

And of course, our SG50 Party Post and our SG50 Playlist!

Have a wonderful long weekend!


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