Happy 50th National Day Singapore: There’s No Place Like Home

We’re contributing over at A Pancake Princess today where you’ll find a collection of little reminders as to why we love our little island home!

Happy 50th National Day, Singapore!

Owls Well at the NDP 2013

Owls Well at the NDP 2013

What’s in the Box? (Unboxing the Golden Jubilee Baby Gift 2015)

So, lots of people have been asking me what really came inside the Singapore Golden Jubilee Baby Gift box. Well, from the size of it, you can already tell that it came with LOADS of things. The box was full to the brim, and I was really surprised by the quality (and quantity) of the various components!

Here’s what greeted me when we first opened the box:

Chock-a-block full of goodies!

Chock-a-block full of well-wishes!

It was filled to the brim with bags of all colours and sizes, each bearing a different slogan and a series of lovely, well-wishes for the baby. Each bag contained a gift that was loosely related to the slogan.

For example, one of the bags labelled ‘i Love Life’ contained a bright red baby sling to represent how the baby is surrounded and carried by loving people. This is a brilliant gift for any new parent!


i Love Life – a baby sling by BabaSling

The sling itself is a really good quality sling from Ozzie brand Baba Slings, and has ‘I’m a Golden Jubilee Baby’ printed on it.

In fact, all of the items in the box were much better quality than I expected – obviously no expense was spared!

So many little presents!

So many little presents!

Here are the other gifts that we received in the box:

  • A set of five exclusive Timmy and Tammy books (you can see that the SG50 Baby logo is on the bottom left corner of the book covers)
  • A scrapbooking album, complete with acid-free embellishments and printed papers
  • An oversized 100% cotton muslin swaddle with a golden lion print (a very useful gift!)
  • A large photo frame with space for five photos
  • A set of cotton baby onesies in different sizes (0m, 3-6m and 9-12m) complete with matching mittens and booties.

We also received a beautiful gold-plated brass medallion, in a fancy presentation box.

It's so shiny!

It’s so shiny!

Last, but certainly not least, is my favourite item in the box: an embroidered dark grey canvas diaper-bag – from US baby designer brand Skip Hop, no less! I believe this is the Skip Hop ‘Duo’ bag, which is one of their bestselling models.

A Skip Hop Diaperbag!

A Skip Hop Diaperbag!

Wow! Isn’t it pretty?

I have already transferred all my baby essentials from my trusty old diaper bag to this fancy new one and I’ve been toting it around proudly.

I think a lot of thought and planning went into putting this SG50 Baby gift together, and I am thoroughly impressed…and very grateful that Thumper is one of the recipients of so many lovely things!

What a warm welcome to the world!

A Singapore Golden Jubilee Special Delivery

So, this came in the post today:

A special delivery for Singapore's Golden Jubilee

A special delivery for Debs G

Wanna see what’s inside?


Inside the Singapore Golden Jubilee Baby Gift box is:

One Live SG50 Baby!

Place your orders for a Jubilee Baby today!

No refunds, returns or exchanges


Place your orders for a Golden Jubilee Baby today!

P.S. Seriously, Owls Well would like to introduce the newest addition to our family who shall be henceforth referred to on this blog as ‘Thumper’. Both Debs G and Thumper are doing well. Thumper is a very happy baby – and both J and Little E love him to bits!