Peaceful Port Macquarie: Tacking Point and Lighthouse Beach

We’re posting over at our travel blog, Owl Fly Away today, heading somewhere over the rainbow!

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We’d spent a lazy morning recuperating from our flight to Sydney and the two hour drive into Port Macquarie the previous evening. We’d managed to stop off at the supermarket on the way, and so we had farm fresh fruits with yoghurt and muesli for breakfast!

kids-australia-breakfast-holiday-macquarie-port-sydney Lazy morning with the kids

The kids were energised and ready to head outdoors, so we took a short drive from our holiday cottage in Port Macquarie to Tacking Point Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in Australia.

tacking-point-lighthouse-macquarie-rainbow-grandparent Thumper and the Aged P walking to Tacking Point Lighthouse

When we got to the tall rocky headland of Tacking Point, we were greeted by a lovely rainbow arching over the sea. The children delighted in running over the grassy knolls just next to the roadside parking area.

The tiny blue and white lighthouse is easily assessable from the carpark, and there’s also a viewing platform…

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Great Smoky Mountain Cool: Family Friendly Activities

It’s Travel Thursday at Owl Fly Away!

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On our first day at the Great Smoky Mountains, I picked up some Junior Ranger activity booklets for J and Little E from the Sugarlands Visitor Centre for US$2.50 apiece. These booklets are part of the Junior Ranger program conducted at the National Parks, and encourages kids to learn more about the park that they are visiting.

Smokey-Mountains-National-Park-Junior-Ranger J and Little E become Junior Rangers!

After the visit to Cades Cove the previous day and attending the Ranger-led trail walk the day before that, J and Little E were able to answer the questions laid out in the booklets on their own steam. In fact, they completed the booklets a lot faster than I anticipated, as we’d had to spend an hour or so at the tyre shop getting a flat tyre changed, so both kids spent that time happily colouring and putting the finishing touches on their work.

Once our car…

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Travel Thursdays at Owl Fly Away

Our travel blog, Owl Fly Away, has been neglected for several months, but we’re going to reinstate a weekly post on Thursdays (and yes, we will be secretly calling it ‘Travel Thursday’), so you will be reading more about our adventures abroad very soon, starting with our trip to the Smokies!

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Great-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park Little E and J at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

We were very fortunate in December 2014, after having spent a week traipsing around Orlando Florida, to have spent a week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! This is a park that I have fond memories of visiting with my parents when I was 3 years old, and I’m so glad that I was able to return to the park with my own 3 year old daughter, Little E!

This park is a great place to visit with little ones, and over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing some highlights from our trip, so watch this space!

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Disney Vacation Club: Be Prepared for the Hardest Hard Sell in your Life

How A Becky Lee managed to score extra VIP Fastpasses for our DisneyWorld Orlando holiday (and some delicious ice-cream).

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A lot of people have been asking us how I managed to score extra VIP fastpasses for the whole family.  Well, the answer is both simple and complicated.

DisneyVacationOn the first day of our Disneyworld vacation, The Boobook and I were engaged in vigorous pin trading and we noticed that the best pins were available at the Disney Vacation Club booths that were liberally sprinkled throughout the park.

Since the Disney Vacation Club is essentially Disney’s timeshare program, it was not surprising that the booths were often avoided by other guests.  Thus, the cast members at said booths were almost always free, super-friendly and readily available for directions and information.

Eventually, during a break between one ride and the next attraction, we ended up talking to one of them about the Disney Vacation Club and what it was about.  We were informed that the booths were set up for…

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Travel Tips: Beating Jet Lag Woes

How to beat circadian dysrhythmia and its dreaded effects on preschoolers! (Find more travel tips on Owl Fly Away.)

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ARGH...SUN...MUST...SLEEP I am wide awake.

I am generally thankful that both my kids and I wake up with the sun and start to feel sleepy as soon as it gets dark and quiet at night. In equatorial Singapore, where the length of daylight and darkness remains more or less the same at all times of the year, this is a real blessing. This natural sleep-wake cycle or body clock is known as the circadian rhythm, and it helps my children to form predictable behavioural patterns in that they feel alert, tired, or hungry at set times during the day.

All this changes, however, once we zip across time zones (especially when travelling eastwards back to Singapore) and our bodies become completely out of sync with the sleeping, waking, even eating times at our destination. The Barn Owl, who is currently developing a resistance to the chronobiological issues related to shift work…

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