Hanna (2011): Thoughts from the Couch (Potato)

hanna movie posterIn one corner we have, Hanna, a 16 year old assassin, hidden away and trained by The Incredible Hulk in the frozen Finnish wilderness! She is erudite! She is dangerous! She is blonde and her eyes are very blue! She fits into very small spaces!

AAAAAAAAnd…in the other corner we have, ruthless CIA operative Marissa Wiegler! She has a gun and a whole army of goons in flak jackets as well as a fabulous german sociopath and his skinhead sidekicks!


This film starts out with some breathtaking action sequences (the escape from Camp G is particularly fun to watch) and introduces some fascinating characters. Joe Wright does an awesome job keeping the plot moving whilst keeping you intrigued.

Debs G recommends: Watch this movie with Joss Whedon’s Serenity for an evening of badass teen girls beating up a whole bunch of dudes.

P.S. Find Hanna here.


What I’m Looking Forward to…

The fact that Marvel’s Avengers have made it to the big screen before DC’s Justice League even got their shoes on and out the door is actually really surprising, particularly if you’re a DC gal like I am.

Still, it’s hard not to get excited about the latest world-building venture that Marvel is coming up with. The trailer looks awesome and Joss Whedon is definitely the best choice of director for a TV series that mixes the goofiness of aliens, magic and mutants with the present day sensibility for realistic depictions and seriousness.

I just hope he doesn’t totally murderise whatever lead couple he has in this series like he has every other couple in all his shows.

But in all seriousness, I’m really in it for the big special effects fights.

Whoo! ^_^

Becky’s Addendum:

The first episode hit the screens in the time between my last post and this one and BOY WAS IT WORTH IT! Looking forward to the rest, Joss!