Peep ta Drop a Rhyme

So, mah Gangsta playa Chris introduced mah crazy ass ta dis joint called Gizoogle, which is both a search engine n’ a White Person ta Gangsta language translator.

This joint is pimped out. I dropped a entire afternoon lookin up random shiznit on dat s**t. I even searched Owls Well n’ just sat there guffawin non-stop all up in tha way it reads.  (Best posts up in jive so far is dear Mista Special Snowflake n’ What Happens when we Waste)

For instant laughs, try readin tha Straits Times or tha Sydney Mornin Herald all up in dat s**t.

By tha way, tha translator is by no means curse free n’ is definitely not safe fo’ work. What you readin right now be a edited version dat removes most (but not all) of tha sbustin.