Preparing for Baby: Washing Up Matters (With Ecover Zero)

I have written before about how I like to choose eco-friendly household cleaning products and that I am always on the look out for products that are kind to sensitive skin. When Thumper came along, I had to switch my laundry products to something that is not only powerful and effective enough to cleanse dirty cloth nappies but also gentle enough on baby skin.

This is why, when Ecover Singapore contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their new Ecover Zero range, I was very excited! This range of washing products are derived from plants and minerals, and are free of phosphates, fragrances, colouring and optical brighteners, so it is great for sensitive skin, whilst being completely biodegradable (septic-tank safe). Additionally, Ecover tests all their washing products for aquatic toxicity to ensure that whatever goes down the drain will have the least impact on the ecological balance of our waterways. I like knowing that I’m not poisoning our fish in the name of fresh laundry and sparkling tableware!

Great for delicate baby skin and our delicate ecosystem

Great for delicate baby skin and our delicate ecosystem

I have been using Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner for the last couple of months and I have to say that I love the way that my clothes feel when they have dried! I have not used fabric conditioner on my laundry for the last 7 years because of my family’s sensitive skin, but we have had no problems at all with the Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner. It is so fantastic for all the baby clothes and it leaves our line-dried clothes feeling wonderfully soft and fluffy. Despite Ecover Zero being a non-fragranced product, our laundry does not give off a musty, damp smell when it comes out of the wash, which is great!

I have also been using the Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid on my cloth nappy stash and it is FANTASTIC. I have had no problems at all with residue build-up on the microfibre inserts or the fleece and suede cloth lining of my cloth diapers. As this is a Non-Bio liquid, there are no enzymes present at all, so it is safe to use on cloth nappies! This is a step-up from Ecover’s regular laundry liquid range which has not been recommended for use on cloth nappies because they contain plant-derived enzymes which eat the waterproof PUL-lining of synthetic nappy covers.

Owls Well Recommends: I use a front-loading washing machine at home and I recommend reducing the dose of laundry liquid for front-loading washing machines and other high-efficiency machines that do not require a lot of soap suds for a thorough clean. I found that using half the recommended dose on my regular laundry load is enough to leave my laundry thoroughly clean – even J’s grubby P.E. uniform (covered in grime and the occasional bloodstain) will come out looking bright and fresh. For my cloth nappies, I use a quarter of the recommended dose and add a extra rinse cycle, which seems to do the trick of keeping them beautifully clean and stain-free!

As for the Ecover Zero Washing-Up Liquid, it does a really good job of cleaning greasy dishpans and I find that a very little bit will go a long way. I have been using the washing-up liquid for two months now and there is still more than half a bottle left to go. The Outlaws, including my new brother-in-law on the Barn Owl’s side, are big fans of Ecover washing-up liquid as it cleans well and lasts a very long time, making it a better value than a similar-sized bottle of the ubiquitous Fairy liquid (although the Father Outlaw says that he misses the smell of Fairy liquid).

(You can find Ecover Zero washing products online at the Ecover Singapore website which offers free shipping within Singapore for orders over SGD$30!)


Christmas is Coming #3: Love your skin and hair (with the Olive Oil Skin Care Company)

Over the last three months, my family and I have been using this awesome range of hair and skin products from the Olive Oil Skin Care Company – and I gotta say that they are fantastic for keeping dry and sensitive skin beautifully moisturised and smelling great.

This is what I would call a ‘100% Real Brand’ – 100% made in Australia with 100% food-grade cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from the manufacturer’s own family-run olive plantation that is 100% free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. It comprises of 100% all natural ingredients and is 100% free from all the nasty stuff (artificial fragrances and colours, parabens, preservatives and additives, sulfates and silicones as well as palm oil). In short, 100% good for sensitive or eczematous skin, even for the most delicate of baby skin!

Thumper loves baby-friendly skin products!

These products are exclusively distributed in Singapore by Kerygo, which is founded by a local mumpreneur, YY, who came across the Olive Oil Skin Care Company on a trip to Australia. Her husband, who happens to be a friend of mine from university, spotted the Olive Oil Shampoo and commented on how good olive oil is for the hair and scalp. After trying the shampoo on herself and the skincare products on her own eczema-prone daughter, and visiting the manufacturer (even tasting the olive oil used in production), she decided to bring the range to Singapore.

When YY contacted me to ask if I would like to try out their range of bath and body products, I was excited in part because I love discovering new family-friendly skin and haircare products, but really because YY is a gorgeously gorgeous girl with the most radiant skin and luscious hair. (She would be so bashful if she knew I was writing this, but YY, it’s true! You and Handsome R make such a lovely couple.)

Anyway, I am glad to report that what YY sent me is of fabulous quality. My favourite is the Rose Geranium Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. It is sulphate and silicone-free, and is so nourishing for my little girl’s curly locks, leaving them soft, manageable, and smelling delicious. The Rose Geranium Olive Oil shampoo is an especially good value as a tiny pea-sized amount  can be mixed with water in my palm to produce a massive quantity of lather. Seriously, we have been using this daily in our household on the whole family for the last three months, and have used less than half the bottle.

A selection of our favourites from The Olive Oil Skin Care Company

A selection of our favourites from The Olive Oil Skin Care Company

I also really like the Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Soothing Balm, which came in very handy when the family suffered from congestion during the recent haze in Singapore. I have also found it wonderful for applying onto soothing itchy mosquito bites and dry patches of skin.

I passed the handmade Goat’s Milk olive oil soap and the Gidyea with Lemon Scented Tea Tree Olive Oil Soap to the Aged Ps, who suffer from dry and cracked skin from all their jet-setting here and there. They reported a marked improvement in skin texture after only a few days of use! The soaps are cured for at least 10-14 weeks, so that they don’t get mushy and fall to pieces in the shower, whilst still making a nice silky lather. The Handmade Pure Castile Bodywash, like all castile soaps, does not create a whole lot of suds unless you use a bath sponge but it’s gentle formulation is great for little Thumper’s delicate baby skin.

A Special Something for Owls Well Readers: YY, the founder of Kerygo, has kindly agreed to sponsor ONE surprise gift set of products (worth up to SGD$60) that she has specially handpicked for THREE lucky Owls Well Readers! WOOHOO! What a great Christmas gift!

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Good Luck!

Birth Stories: Little E makes a big entrance (or, Labour – True or False?)

So about 10 days before Little E came, there was a little bit of fanfare. A trial run, if you will. I woke up in the morning, having strong and regular contractions, so the Barn Owl brought me into hospital.

By the time I reached the hospital, the contractions – although still coming regularly – seemed to have eased off in strength. A quick check by the doctor showed that my cervix had already dilated by 2 cm. So they kept me in hospital and had me walking around to see if anything was happening.

But nothing happened.

In fact, the contractions stopped altogether.

By the evening, I was feeling like a complete fraud so I asked my obstetrician if I could just go home. She did a brief check (I was still 2 cm dilated) but she decided the contractions had stopped and didn’t seem to be coming back, it wasn’t worth forcing the issue. So she booked me in for an appointment on the following Monday and said, laughing, ‘You’ll probably be in here again before then – but don’t forget that I’m away this weekend!’

Well, the following Monday arrived, and I was still the same. Still pregnant. Still tired.

At my doctor’s appointment, the obstetrician checked me over and…lo and behold, I was still 2 cm dilated. “We can’t have you walking around with a 2cm dilation forever,” mused my obstetrician.

I agreed with her. I was getting rather alarmed by the enormous size of my belly which was starting to extend beyond my arms’ reach. Soon I would need an extendable brush to scrub my tummy in the bath.

I had also been having a lot of difficulty walking. The ligaments in my body were naturally softening to allow the rigid pelvic bones to move apart and make space for the baby during labour. However, combined with the excessive pressure of my burgeoning belly, I began to experience what is known as ‘symphysis pubis dysfunction’, that is, the two halves of my pelvic bones would grate and grind horribly against each other whenever I moved, and occasionally, I would get a sciatic pain which would shoot down the back of my leg like lightning. I was reduced to shuffling my feet in order to get around.

Additionally, my skin was getting so problematic that I was starting to develop some form of ‘Princess and the Pea’ type sensitivity. Even the softest silken comforter and smoothest cotton sateen bedsheet felt terribly rough and scratchy, like lying on steel wool. I was up at stupid o’clock every night, tossing and turning (or rather, rolling around like a dugong on the beach), just trying to get comfortable.


My obstetrician nodded sympathetically. “Let’s schedule you for an induction of labour for the morning of your estimated due date, ok?” she said, “But hopefully you will go into labour naturally before then.”

I looked at the calendar. That was a week away. Fine, fine, fine, fine, FINE. I can be patient.

A week passed and it was the day. THE DAY. The day of the estimated date of delivery!

At breakfast, The Barn Owl looked at me expectantly. I shook my head and waved goodbye to him as he headed off to work.

By this time, I’d started talking to Little E, as if cajoling her would help move things along. There’s sunshine and butterflies here, I said, coaxingly.

No response.

I really didn’t want to have to undergo an induction, I pleaded, come out soon.

No response.


I felt the faintest hint of a backache. Was it…? It went away again. Oh nope, it’s coming back, stronger this time.

Very soon, I was having moderate contractions every ten minutes or so. I called the Barn Owl up on his mobile phone.

The Barn Owl was skeptical. After all, he’d been duped once already. “YES IT IS REAL NOW MEET ME AT THE HOSPITAL”, I said firmly, trying my best not to screech.

Then, I waddled to the study, where the Aged P was hanging out.

“Mum, I say, Mum, I’m having contractions. Could you take me to the hospital?”

The Aged P jumped three feet in the air, and started pacing around the room. “Now? Now? But what about the Barn Owl?” she squeaked in alarm.

“He’s turning the car around and going straight to the hospital and he’ll meet us there.”

The Aged P stared at me blankly. She paced the room a few more times, muttering “okokok” to herself. Then, inexplicably, she headed to the kitchen and started washing vegetables.

“Mum, I say, Mum, what are you doing? I have to get to the hospital!”

The Aged P appeared to be in some sort of a daze. At the sound of my voice, she dropped half the vegetables in the sink with a start. She walked out of the kitchen still holding a wad of bok choy, then walked back in and put them back in the fridge. She then wandered off to the bathroom to wash her hands. Looking in the mirror, she suddenly said, “I need to do my hair. Do I have time to have a shower?”

By this time, I was starting to get Real Pain. By which, I mean about 7/10 on my personal pain scale. Terrible, but barely tolerable. “I don’t know! I think you should take me now, nobody is going to see you, you can just drop me off and go home.” I said through gritted teeth.

The Aged P was taken aback. “I can’t leave you alone in your condition! You’re about to have a baby!”

“I know! We gotta go now, though. The Barn Owl will probably already be there and you can leave me with him, it’s going to be ok!”

The Aged P seemed somewhat shell-shocked but she grabbed her keys and off we went.

As we pulled up to the hospital, we saw the Barn Owl’s car turning into the carpark, so mum rang him on her mobile and told him that I was heading to the labour ward.

“Are you sure you’re going to be ok?”, the Aged P said, “You’re starting to sweat.”

“No, you go on home, Mum, I’m a bit nauseous but I’m going to be fine.”

After fussing around me for a little bit longer, the Aged P seemed unconvinced, but she reluctantly said goodbye and let the porters wheel me away to the labour ward.

“Drive safely!!!” I hollered after her retreating figure.

In the labour ward, the doctor did a check. “You’re at 2cm,” she announced cheerfully.

“2cm STILL?” I exclaimed, incredulously, “I’ve been at this all morning!”

The Barn Owl took this moment to saunter into the room. “Where have you been?” I panted, another contraction hitting me like a wave.

The Barn Owl started. So did I. My voice seemed very loud.

“I’ve just been parking the car,” he said, frowning and looking at me worriedly, “Are you doing alright?”

“I’m fine. Just great.” I said, forcing the words out and trying to form a smile.

The Barn Owl grimaced and brought a hand up to his ear.

Hm. Was I shouting? I must try and be more controlled. WHOA HERE COMES THE PAIN AGAIN.

The doctor, who seemed to have gone into a trance, suddenly interrupted our friendly exchange. “Do you want any pain relief? Some gas, maybe?” she asked brightly.

“No, I’m feeling quite nauseous so gas isn’t going to work for me. I’d like an epidural please.” I tried to whisper, but the words seemed to come out like a shriek.

The doctor retreated and returned after what seemed to be an interminable period of time but was probably only 15 minutes. She was accompanied by the anaesthetist who appeared to do everything in slow motion.

Please. Get. On. With. It! I thought to myself, gritting my teeth and breathing through the pain.

Again, the epidural kicked in and suddenly the irritating buzzing noises in my head went away, the sun came out, the birds started singing, and the Barn Owl looked at me and said, “Epidurals are great. You should have one ALL THE TIME. You were barking at everyone and being so mean.”

“What? I was not! I said ‘please’! I was being polite!”, I protested.

“You were getting louder and louder!” laughed the Barn Owl, “You were frightening the nurses! They were huddled in the corner outside the room when I arrived.”

“Was I? I was trying not to be loud. I had to force the words out in between contractions!” I protested.

Now that the pain had gone away, I lay back on the bed and tried to rest. All too soon, an hour passed, and the doctor returned on her rounds.

“Do you feel the urge to push?”, she asked.

“I’m not feeling much of anything, really.” I said, still in a state of eternal bliss.

“I think you can try pushing now.” she advised.

So I did.

After about 50 minutes of pushing, I was started to get irritated. WHY isn’t the baby coming out? After all, everyone I knew had been telling me that labour would be much easier the second time round. “This is not EASIER!”, I grumbled.

“The baby isn’t positioned optimally in the midline. She’s all squashed up, lying in a ‘Z’ shape.” said the Barn Owl, “Everytime you push, she’s getting compressed like an accordion instead of moving down. You can see it.”

“I think she has a shoulder stuck,” I complained, “Whenever I push, I feel a knobbly bit digging into the right side of my pelvis.”

The midwife and the doctor gave me a sharp look when I said that. I knew that in their mind they were thinking about the worst case scenario – that the baby would experience shoulder dystocia as a result and permanent shoulder damage.

The midwife had been pushing on one side of my abdomen with each contraction, unsuccessfully trying to shove the baby’s knees into the midline, but now she called for help from two other midwives. One of them started pushing on other side of my abdomen to try and get the baby out of the ‘Z’ shape, whilst the other put pressure on the right side of my pelvis to push the baby’s shoulder away.

A few more unsuccessful pushes later, the doctor turned to me. “I think we might have to consider an episiotomy,” she said to me, in between pushes.

“Ok, I’m considering it!!” I said with gritted teeth, as the contractions started again. I held my breath and pushed, with the three midwives pushing on my abdomen.


My tummy suddenly disappeared like a collapsing balloon, the trio of midwives nearly falling over me in the process.

“YIKES!”, cried the midwives.

“YIKES!”, exclaimed my doctor, as she caught Little E and flipped her onto my chest, “Incredible! She’s VERY big!”

The Barn Owl and I looked at the baby in amazement. At 4.1kg, she certainly looked very large. And surprisingly clean and pink, for a newborn baby.

“Hello, baby”, I said, as Little E opened her eyes and looked back at us.

“Waa,” Little E offered, laconically, waving her little hand royally at all of us, “Waa.”

As an afterthought, she quietly emptied her bladder on the blanket before latching on for her first breastfeed, much to the amusement of everyone present.

One Hour Old Little E discovers her finger and her eye

One Hour Old Little E discovers her finger and her eye

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She writes at Simply Lambchops – her little online space to preserve precious memories of her children, and reflections on Down Syndrome through stories of her littlest one.

I am always amazed and inspired by her strength and resilience which is reflected in the spirit of all her lovely children! It is amazing to see how the whole family rallies together to love and protect little K, who has Down Syndrome, and to cheer her on for every achievement and milestone.

The lovely Yann

The lovely Yann

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Yann is a mother to two little men who, unfortunately, believe strongly that sleep is for the weak. Therefore, she sleeps too little (for her liking) and drinks too much teh-si. She suffers from Acute Mother Guiltilitis and is also addicted to writing and photography.

I love perusing Yann’s writings which are always accompanied by the most beautiful photographs! She has such a great eye.

Preparing for Baby: Getting over Pregnancy Skin Woes (with Curél)

Baby #3 is coming very soon and we are all agog with anticipation! I thought I would share with you some of the things that I have been using in order to get ready for the arrival of the baby! This post will be the first in a series of posts about preparing for the arrival of baby.

Pregnancy is supposed to give a woman that ‘pregnancy glow’, which I highly suspect is merely the sheen of perspiration that I appear to be covered with for most of the day. My skin definitely does not glow. Pregnancy hormones have brought me dry hair, and it only stands to reason I am suffering from dry skin as well.

Dry skin in pregnancy is pretty common, and most women will experience some skin tightness and dryness, especially across the belly as it balloons out more with each passing month. The stretching of the skin causes dryness and itchiness, which is awful to deal with because scratching will just aggravate and worsen stretch marks. I’ve also been getting random patches of eczema on top of it all, which has been most inconvenient.

Apart from applying copious amounts of lotion, I have been on the lookout for moisturising body washes that would help with the eczema and the healing of broken skin, so I was very pleased when Curél contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their new foaming body wash from their Intensive Moisture Care range.

I am literally itching to use this body wash

I am literally itching to use this.

I remember Curél as one of two brands of body soap that A Becky Lee used when she was a little girl growing up with sensitive, eczematous skin. At the time, the dermatologist advised my parents to avoid foaming or liquid body washes which are generally much more drying to the skin than bar soaps, so Curél slowly fell out of favour with my family.

However, in the twenty or so years since then, Curél has developed a fragrance-free, alcohol-free skincare range for dry and sensitive skin which claims to cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier by adding moisture-retaining ceramide to their products.


Ceramide is a naturally occurring lipid found in the outermost layers of our skin, and it has the special properties of being able to bind to water molecules, forming sandwich-like layers that create a natural barrier to keep skin hydrated. Keeping this natural barrier intact is also key to protecting the skin from external irritants which will exacerbate flare-ups. There is some evidence that skin problems like eczema and dermatitis are related to ceramide deficiency. This is why topical application of ceramide in the form of therapeutic lotions and cleansers has been shown to speed up the healing of mild-to-moderate eczema.

The first time I used the Curél foaming body wash, I noticed that the skin over my burgeoning tummy felt much less tight and uncomfortable after my shower, and that the patches of eczema were noticeably less inflamed in appearance. Additionally, I love the luxurious texture of the fine lather which is so gentle on the skin – and both J and Little E really enjoy it too! It makes their skin feel very silky after a shower. We’ve all been using the Curél foaming body wash for over a month now and one pump or two of foam really goes a very long way.

I am very pleased to report that after a few weeks of using the body wash in conjunction with my usual moisturising regime, the patches of eczema have healed up very nicely! Hooray!

A Special For Owls Well Readers: Curél Singapore is very generously sponsoring one bottle of Curél Foaming Body Wash to FIVE lucky Owls Well Readers! Thank you Curél Singapore!

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If you would like to try a sample of products from the Curél Intensive Moisture Care range, you can visit the Curél Singapore Facebook page here. Otherwise, you can find Curél products at Watson’s and Guardian stores across Singapore.

P.S. Check out Missus Tay’s review of Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash on her severely eczema-prone little girl

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Pure and simple – Four Cow Farm skincare (a review and giveaway)

Eczema and sensitive skin runs in this Owl family – A Becky Lee suffering from it to a greater degree than I ever did. This is why it came as no surprise to me that both Little E and J suffer from a mild form of eczema and I am always on the lookout for new products that are gentle and kind to their skin.

This is why when the kind folk behind the handcrafted skincare range, Four Cow Farm, offered to send us some goodies to try out, I was very excited! You see, I had already heard about the wonders of Four Cow Farm – one of my tiny little nephews suffers terribly from facial eczema which has been really difficult to shift and their creams and body wash have actually cleared it up a real treat.

Four Cow Farm is a real hobby farm in Queensland, and the Four Cow Farm range was created by a midwife who was looking for skincare products to help her grandkids that suffered from eczema and sensitive skin. She eventually developed a range of baby creams and balms which she handcrafted herself using pure, natural and 100% organic ingredients, with no synthetic preservatives. In fact, all the products made by Four Cow Farm are made from food-grade ingredients (which is why they recommend that if you can, you should store them in the fridge!).

It turns out that one of the family married a lovely Singaporean lady who is now helping to spread the word about Four Cow Farm in Singapore! Woohoo!

Now, we were sent the Four Cow Farm All-In-One Starter Kit to try out, as well as their Pohnpei sponge and the Bath Soaks, we really like them! Here is a quick run through our favourite products from the Four Cow Farm range.

CR100_WB_SQ_low_small1. Four Cow Farm Calendula Remedy: This is a wonderful balm that is particularly good for calming down dry, itchy, irritated skin and is particularly good for hives, inflamed eczematous areas and nappy rashes. The calendula helps to soothe redness and inflammation within minutes whilst the rich emollient balm keeps skin soft. I like to dab this on heat rashes for instant relief and I occasionally apply it to little red noses that are sore from being wiped again and again!

TT50100_grass_1_small2. Four Cow Farm Tea Tree Remedy: Both J and Little E love this one so much because it is just so effective, especially with mosquito bites! Every time they have an itchy insect bite or a scraped knew, they come begging me to dab a little of the Tea Tree Remedy on it. The Tea Tree (or Melaleuca) essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and the cold-pressed castor-oil has a nice anti-inflammatory effect which seems to help with itchiness too.

BATHSOAKS_WB_SQ_low_1024x10243. Organic Calendula, Oat and Chickweed Bath Soaks: These Bath Soaks are so luxurious and absolutely wonderful! I brought them with me on a recent trip to the UK and they were a real treat. J and Little E get very dry skin when they travel which can very quickly turn into hideous red rashes and in the past, I used to lug huge tubs of moisturising lotion with me and add almost half a bottle of lotion into their baths each day in order to keep their skin clean, soft and well-moisturised. These bath soaks do exactly the same thing, except that it isn’t a messy, greasy affair and the calendula, oat and chickweed really help to soothe irritated skin.

Now, although the Four Cow Farm skincare range worked wonderfully well for my kids (and my little nephew), if you are trying it out for the first time on highly sensitive skin, we here at Owls Well recommend that you test each product out on a small patch of skin first before applying it liberally onto already inflamed skin. This is because skin prone to allergic reactions and rashes is well, sensitive, and although Four Cow Farm has been tried and tested with good effect, doesn’t always mean it works for everyone! (And it didn’t work for A Becky Lee, although she tried several times to make it work!)

However, Four Cow Farm worked so wonderfully for J and Little E, I cannot wait to share it!

A Special For Owls Well Readers:  Four Cow Farm is generously sponsoring a giveaway of Four Cow Farm’s All-in-one Starter Kit to THREE lucky Owls Well Readers! Woohoo!

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