Advent 2017: Day 18

It’s my birthday today! Happy birthday to me!


Thoughts for today:

  1. Project For Awesome is still happening so please join us in helping to decrease World Suck by donating (in exchange for some very cool swag) or by voting for your preferred charity!
  2. Disney’s “Coco” is a very emotional film and I highly recommend it. The music is beautiful. It made me remember the day that my grandfather died – the Aged P shared a moment with him where they both sang a song together. So yeah, I cried a lot, and so did my kids. (Parent warning: Not for kids who fear skeletons and have not yet developed a reasonable understanding of the concept of death).
  3. I had no idea that the Mexican Dia de Muertos bore such a marked resemblance to the Chinese 7th month and ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’. The offerings of food, the candles, the musical performances, putting up photographs of the dead, the elaborate paper decorations, the flower blossoms…that’s all pretty much the same. The only thing that is different is that the ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’ is generally for all the spirits who have no families to put out food for them during the year. So don’t worry kids, the Mexican ghosts don’t disappear into the ether, they just come to Singapore to enjoy the food here instead. Singaporean food is the best there is anyway (*runs for cover*).

P.S. We are following the Advent calendar from Truth In The Tinsel this year!

P.P.S. Check out our other Advent posts here with lots of crafty fun for the season and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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