Advent 2017: Day 9

Thumper is still recuperating and the Barn Owl is now ill, so the both of them had to stay home today whilst the rest of us attended the first Christmas party of the season.


The electronics kit that the kids are playing with is called Snap Circuits‘, and was a gift to us a few Christmases ago. It’s really cool toy which gives the kids safe boundaries within which to design and build electrical circuits, and keeps the kids occupied for hours! Even 2 year old Thumper is now able to build a simple circuit to power a spinning toy. (Buyer’s note: I think this was probably from a local toy store called Growing Fun, but you can get it off Amazon.)

We also did an origami Joseph doll as part of our ‘Truth in the Tinsel’ advent craft of the day. It’s the same one from the origami nativity that I made on Day 6.

P.S. We are following the Advent calendar from Truth In The Tinsel this year!

P.P.S. Check out our other Advent posts here with lots of crafty fun for the season and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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