Advent 2017: Day 7

I have written about volunteering with The Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift Project before and this year was the first time that we were delivery volunteers with our own BB boy!

J joined The Boys’ Brigade at the start of the year and I cannot tell you how proud I was to see him in his full uniform, valiantly helping to carry the heavy bags of groceries to the Share-a-Gift beneficiaries.

Sadly, this year the donation drive has been a little bit slower than other years – so if you are at the supermarket and see the Boys in Blue, do stop by and see what items they need! As of this post, they need more 2L bottles of cooking oil, halal tinned foodstuffs, condiments (like soy sauce and ketchup) and instant noodles!

For more information on the BB Share-a-Gift project please click here

By the way, the board game that we are playing is called ‘Ravensburger Labyrinth‘ and it was a gift from the Outlaws last year. We still love it – and sometimes Thumper gets in on the action too! (Buyers note: You can get this game from My First Games or from Amazon)

P.S. We are following the Advent calendar from Truth In The Tinsel this year!

P.P.S. Check out our other Advent posts here with lots of crafty fun for the season and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


11 thoughts on “Advent 2017: Day 7

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  2. Love the video! Brings on such a meaningful take on Christmas giving. Your kids are blessed to be involved as a family. J must be so proud to don the uniform. Blessed Christmas in advance!

  3. Oh we did this too last year. It’s such a wonderful experience to be a part of it. Kids learn a lot from such initiatives. Good going mama!

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