Owls Well presents: Living Clay/Studio Asobi

So, during the June school holidays this year, I wrote about our experience at a pottery workshop with Studio Asobi. Well, our pieces have been glazed and fired by Huiwen from Studio Asobi, and they are so much prettier than we ever expected!

Here’s a little video I made of our time at the pottery wheel – and the results of our labour!

Here are some thing I learned about the glazing and firing process:

  1. Applying the glaze will add layers to your final piece, so the walls of your clay piece will appear much thicker than your original creation, and any scratches and marks made on the surface will be more shallow.
  2. The firing process dries the clay out as it hardens, and the final product will be at least one-third smaller in size. So if you want to make a dainty teacup, your original creation may have to be as big as a mug!
  3. Be brave about experimenting with glazes! As you can see from the video, different glaze combinations can have startlingly different results. I regret not taking a bigger risk with my glaze selections…but now I know that I can be braver next time around!

Studio Asobi welcomes back participants of previous workshops with a markedly reduced fee and as always, 20% of their profits are donated to The Mercy Centre’s Trolley Ministry for Singapore’s homeless population. I would love to work with them again!



16 thoughts on “Owls Well presents: Living Clay/Studio Asobi

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  2. Wow! I always wanted to try pottery making too . Looks really fun and I wonder how it feels as your fingers linger onto the spinning clay as it spins. Really love the look of the final products and it is truly one and only piece. πŸ™‚

    Phoebe @ BPDGTravels

  3. The finished work is so pretty! Pottery making is a very personal experience and there is this special bond between the potter and the clay during the whole process. Would love to get my kids to try out some day!

    – Mary @ Simply Lambchops

  4. Oh they are so gorgeous!! Looks like pretty pieces they sell in the Japanese stores…

    By the way did u see the funny video going around of a lady having her first pottery lesson and erm, it kept staying as a phallic object hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Did you guys enjoy it? Pottery in different cultures involves different techniques, so it would be cool to see how Japanese-style pottery compares to Indian-style.

  5. Love your video! And everything you made during the pottery session. I’m always on the lookout for little containers to put knic knacks around the house and never thought of making them myself. What a brilliant idea.

  6. Ohhh such a meaningful cause behind the workshops! Glad it was a fun experience for your family too! Hubby and I tried attended a pottery class in Bali during our babymoon with #2 and it was an inspiring session. Looks easy but it wasn’t exactly (or maybe I’m just not that a crafty person. Ha!), but the final pieces were a real treat and motivation πŸ™‚

    – Dee @ TheHootingPost

    • Definitely! It’s funny, but Huiwen (the lady behind Studio Asobi) had no artistic background before she explored the world of pottery – playing with clay does bring out one’s inner artist!

  7. My daughter has done pottery before but not me yet. Looking at this post and the video, it looks like something that I must try out.

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