Marvellous Melbourne: The St Kilda Adventure Playground

We’re posting over at Owl Fly Away today all about how we found Sesame Street in Melbourne!

Owl Fly Away

We were very fortunate to be staying a stone’s throw away from the St Kilda Adventure Playground on Neptune Street. This playground is one of two adventure playgrounds which are community hubs run by the local council with the aim of promote free and unstructured recreation to children and young people in a safe environment. It is open everyday and has limited opening hours (11am -4:30pm on non-school days and 3:30-5:30pm on school days).

For us, this meant that the Barn Owl could bring the kids to the playground in the late afternoons when Thumper was taking his afternoon nap or if we wanted to have a rest from sightseeing but still engage the kids in an outdoor activity.

st-kilda-adventure-playground Risk-taking play in a supervised “urban backyard” setting

Whilst we were there, we observed that there were volunteer staff members present during school days, who were all young adults from local…

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