Marvellous Melbourne: St Kilda’s Beach

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Owl Fly Away

During the first few days of our trip to Melbourne, we decided to stay at a self-catering apartment in St Kilda’s Beach, so as to be able to remain near the city centre whilst still being able to enjoy some time by the sea.

We hadn’t had time to pop to the shops on our first day at St Kilda’s Beach and I was in no mood to do any cooking, so we ended up searching for a nice café serving breakfast. There are loads of cute little restaurants near the beach, and after some wandering around we ended up at one called 95 Espresso on Acland Street where we tucked into a very generous breakfast.

Breakfast-st-kilda-melbourne Breakfast!

As you can tell from the picture, Thumper was very excited about the fresh avocado and scrambled eggs!

The wait staff at 95 Espresso were really friendly and helped us to put away our…

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