Water, water, everywhere (or Geography for Preschoolers)

You may have noticed that my posts have been quite sporadic over the last month, and the reason for this is because I have been working with Little E on her latest school holiday project on “Water”.

Little E really wanted to do an educational video series like J did, but she drew inspiration from BBC science and nature documentaries like Planet Earth.

This project was particularly difficult because the topic was just SO broad! I struggled to find an angle to approach this subject that was not already covered by Little E’s preschool teachers.

If I were to help Little E explore the various properties of water or find out about the water cycle or learn how to conserve water, that would be pretty straightforward for me – but it would also mean that Little E would not have anything new or different to share with her classmates when she presented her project…and she wouldn’t be learning anything new herself, so she would get bored.

So I decided to help Little E explore a field of study that is completely foreign to me, namely, geography.


We do study some basic geography in Singapore at the primary and secondary school level, but physical geography – specifically, geomorphology and hydrology – is only studied in depth at the upper secondary school level as an elective subject, not as part of the core curriculum.

This meant that I had to actually do some reading, instead of relying on my own store of knowledge. After all, if I’m going to help Little E learn about water in the world, I have to learn about it myself first! So, the reason why I wasn’t writing in this blog is because I was reading about water and trying to translate the language of geography into kid-speak so that Little E could make her documentary.

In this video, Little E learns about bodies of water and their differing aspects! Enjoy!

(Check out Part 2 of this project here)

If you are interested in some of the resources that I used for this video or if you are looking for resources to introduce your kid to the subject of Geography, here’s a list!

Water, Water Everywhere, What & Why? : Third Grade Science Books Series

The Drop in my Drink: The Story of Water on Our Planet

Water Dance

Water Can Be . . . (Millbrook Picture Books)

Hydrology: The Study of Water (True Books: Earth Science (Paperback))


16 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere (or Geography for Preschoolers)

    • Little E is 5 years old. Yes, the video is her contribution to her school project. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants within the topic and just bring something along to share with her classmates. Some kids brought a photo from a trip to a waterpark or the beach, others brought their favourite water toy or a picture of a water creature that they liked or books about water to read together. One of her classmates even brought different edible things to dissolve in water for everyone to taste!

      Quite fun, right?

  1. Your videos are just amazing!! I think I should get my kids to start doing their own videos on whatever they want and see where they go with that 🙂 And thanks for the list of resources! 😀

  2. What a wonderful post and video! In addition to it being an educational experience for all, its also a wonderful time capsule…that’s one of the reasons I love doing videos.

    • Definitely! I’ve been looking back at some of the other youtube videos on my channel and it’s amazing to see how much the kids have changed. At least now I have a record of Little E’s sweet 5 year old voice!

  3. Love the video where E introduced different bodies of water from her POV. She speaks very well at 5 and she must feel so proud of her project. Video editing is not something I’ve explored, but I’m keen to learn how to. Which software did you use?

    • Hey Susan, oh yes, Little E worked VERY hard on her diction for this video, repeating herself many times over so that she could be clearly understood. I have about 1.5 hours of voiceover recordings for this 5 minute video, so you get an idea of how much effort she put in!

      I used iMovie, which is the free movie editing software that comes with Apple computers, but I have also used Windows Moviemaker before which is for PC users (it’s free to download on the Microsoft website) and has similar features. Both programmes are quite easy to use and come with a good set of tutorials to help you get started!

  4. Amazing video! It is a really good experience to learn while having fun in nature. There are many learning points our children could pick up. I should get my children to do such videos!

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