Last Minute Chinese New Year Cleaning (with Ecover)


Ecover’s Household Cleaning and Laundry Range

When Ecover Singapore sent over their Ecover Zero range for me to try, they also sent along an assortment of their regular range of eco-friendly household cleaning products. I have been using these in the house over the last 6 months and I have to say that they are pretty good!

The Ecover Washing-Up Liquid, just like it’s counterpart from the Ecover Zero range, cuts through grease very effectively – and all without the use of non-biodegradable foam boosters that are all show and no action. I like to dilute the liquid (one part washing-up liquid to four parts filtered water) into separate bottle which I can then happily squeeze over the dishwashing sponge, so I find that a small amount of washing-up liquid really goes a long way.

I like the Ecover All-Purpose Cleaner very much as well, which has a nice lemon scent. I like to dilute this into a handheld spray bottle and use to clean all the surfaces in the house, giving it a nice squeaky clean shine with no residual stickiness. The Toilet Cleaner also does a decent job of cleaning the commode and preventing calcified deposits from building up, although I find that I need to leave it to ‘sit’ in the bowl a little longer than I normally would in order to get that really clean sparkle.

The only product that I would not use again would be the Ecover Stain Remover. Although it does remove collar stains well from the Barn Owl’s shirts, I found it rather messy and drippy to apply.

Ecover products use fragrances derived from plant-based ingredients which are very subtle and pleasant. I especially like the smell of the Delicate Laundry Liquid, which has a nice lavender scent. However, if you have delicate skin that is sensitive to perfumes, try the fragrance-free Ecover Zero range instead. You can read my review of the Ecover Zero range here.

(You can find Ecover products online at the Ecover Singapore website which offers free shipping within Singapore for orders over SGD$30! Use the code OWLSWELL20 upon checkout to enjoy 20% off storewide. The code is valid until 29 Feb 2016.)


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