Under the Big Top

We were fortunate to catch the Cirque du Soleil’s Totem with some friends last year when they were in Singapore. It was such a magical time for the whole family, and the kids really had a wonderful time.


The atmosphere there is absolutely electric, from the minute you see the blue and yellow striped big top in the distance. Approaching the big top, we were greeted by the warm buttery scent of fresh popcorn and a long snaking queue of excited circus-goers – families young and old, mooning couples, groups of chattering teenagers – it seemed like all the world was there.

The show itself really exceeded all expectations. J and Little E were absolutely entranced, and even tiny little Thumper gazed with big eyes at the never-ending movement of the sparkling and glowing characters in the ring, listening to the endless swell and fall of the vibrant music washing over us like waves on the beach. There were groups of acrobats bouncing off flexible wooden boards, their luminous costumes tumbling through the air like starry constellations. There were cheeky clowns flirting with the audience and teasing each other with the most hilarious and ridiculous pranks. There was a pair of contortionists who bent and twisted over and under each other until you couldn’t tell when one person stopped and the other began. There was a trio of aerial dancers, light as air, flying over the heads of the audience with streams of ribbons fluttering behind them.

The Barn Owl was impressed by the attention to detail of the entire production, from the intricacy and inventiveness costumes, to the complexity of the transforming set, to the dedication of the stagehands who even moved in time with the music. Everywhere you looked, every single object, every single person was a part of the show.

We had a truly amazing time at the Cirque Du Soleil – and I hope they will return to our little city soon and bring more of that magic with them.

P.S. Meimei, I just found out that Cirque du Soleil is in Newcastle, Australia this weekend with their touring show, Quidam! If you can make it, you should totally go. They’ll only be in town until 24th Jan 2016, and I have no idea if they’ll extend their run.



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