Relative Sanity (An Out of Context Conversation)

Debs G: So, is The Boobook just not up on his Bible knowledge or something?

A Becky Lee: No, he has read Revelations.

Debs G:  Then why was he so confused when we were talking the other day?

A Becky Lee:  Because he couldn’t tell if you were being serious about the whole “iPhones are the mark of the Beast” thing that you were blathering on about.

Debs G:  But I was joking! How could he not know I was joking?!

A Becky Lee: Because The Boobook used to work in retail and every day, there would be people who would visit his shop who honestly believed that iPhones are a sinister government plot to read minds, or are unholy, or something.  These people can be quite violent.  Believe me, I had people like that visit the shop where I worked too.  Don’t you remember the woman who threw the PSP at my head?  So, yeah, he wasn’t sure if you were joking or not.

Debs G:  Well, you need to brief him on our family so that he knows how to deal with our silly discussions.

A Becky Lee:  OK.  I’ll tell The Boobook about this so that the next time we get into this sort of conversation, he’ll know that you’re just being a madwoman.


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