On the Folly of Bad New Year Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Owls Well!  We hope you had a great 2015.  Please, enjoy an official recording of the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks courtesy of the City of Sydney.

Normally, we would post a wrap up of last year at Owls Well, but instead, I wanted to write to you very seriously about folly of bad New Year Resolutions!

So, every year, we are encouraged to make a New Year Resolution.  Usually, this is something like “lose weight” or “study harder”.  This year, I decided to go easy on myself and my resolution was to “Try something new.”

Well, I am pleased to report that, as of 10.20 AM, 22 hours and 20 minutes after the start of the New Year, I have officially resolved this resolution!  I have… fallen on my hand while out gardening, necessitating a visit to the A&E at the local hospital.  While I didn’t break my wrist, I have badly twisted a ligament in it.  Since I have not, in fact, ever torn or twisted a ligament before OR visited an A&E, I have officially resolved (resoluted?) my New Year.


Let the tiny bones in my wrist serve as a lesson to you all about foolish New Year Resolutions!

I am currently wearing a brace on my right hand, so this post comes to you courtesy of my left hand, which is currently unhurt.

Owls Well Blogs wishes you an accident-free New Year.  Drive safely and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (except fall on your hand.  Definitely don’t do that.)

Happy 2016!


7 thoughts on “On the Folly of Bad New Year Resolutions

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  2. That makes two of us! My resolution was just one word this time round. Explore. Like you, I am busy exploring the local A and E (pretty impressive, I might add) plus all things medical, having tripped over in a field and breaking my right wrist!

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