Errata and a Christmas Drink Recipe

I post a lot of recipes on this blog, but as I cook and experiment in the kitchen, the recipes often evolve from the original.  So, I’m posting up my recipe errata, or some of the many changes that I’ve made to my recipes over time.

In Orthodox Christmas Feasting, I have provided my recipe for turkey stuffing.  There are two addendums to this recipe.  Firstly, you don’t need quite so much parsnips.  You can easily get away with just 125 g parsnip.  Secondly, the amount of stuffing this makes is phenomenal.  If you run out of turkey cavity (which you’re sure to do), stuff the rice underneath the skin of the turkey breast.  This will ensure that the skin crisps beautifully and the oils soak into the rice.

I’ve also changed my preferred drink for the Root Beer Float.  Bundaberg Sasparilla is delicious, but also crazy acidic owing to the fact that they use actual sasparilla root.  The ice cream melts far too quickly as a result.  Use A&W Root Beer if you can get it instead.  It’s made of unhealthy things, but produces a longer-lasting ice cream result.

Pasta Sauce is a finicky thing.  I’ll be providing a better recipe for this in the future.  However, just so you know, the Carroty Harvest Pasta Sauce should be simmered with the lid OFF.  Carrots and other root vegetables contain a lot of liquid, so simmer with the lid off to reduce wetness.

Finally, the Cool Drinks for Hot Days.  This has two changes.  After much experimenting, I can safely say that Auntie G’s Southern tastes produce a much sweeter result than I like.  I would recommend that only a 1/4 cup of sugar be used for every 2 litres of iced tea.  As for the Little House in the Prairie recipe, much experimenting has led me to conclude that the drink is best made up as a syrup (containing the apple cider vinegar, the ginger powder and the sugar) and kept in a jar.  For best results, dilute it with soda water and serve cold on ice.  Shake before use.

Now that I’ve finished explaining all my mistakes, enjoy this beautiful (more adult) refresher drink for a hot Christmas Day courtesy of The Boobook!


So Sophisticated!

The Boobook’s Wonderfully Refreshing Concoction for Overheating Adults


  • Wine Glass
  • 1/2 to 1 shot of Pimms
  • Cucumbers
  • Ginger Ale

Cut the cucumbers into slices and place them at the bottom of the wine glass.  Pour the shot of Pimms onto the cucumbers.  Top up with ginger ale.

If you’re a lightweight like A Becky Lee, use only 1/2 a shot of Pimms – just enough to change the flavour and maintain freshness.

For best results, drink the concoction first, then eat the cucumbers after they’ve sat in it for a while.


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