Expanding a child’s worldview (with Junior Explorers)

J and Little E are reasonably well-travelled children, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity be able to take them abroad. I have always felt that expanding a child’s worldview by learning about other places in the world is an important part of a child’s education, helping them to have a more concrete understanding of their earthly responsibilities. Environmental awareness is just one of the many things that we are trying to instil in our children, which is why I was very excited to be offered a 12 month subscription to the Junior Explorers Club in Singapore!

The Junior Explorers Club is a monthly subscription kit that aims to teach primary school kids about ecology through science kits chock-a-block full of fun activities, notes and collectibles as well as interactive missions and games online. I am particularly drawn to the online component of the subscription kit which is tied to a programme called Mission Giveback, where kids can convert the points earned from completed missions into real world money which is then donated to NGOs working to conserve the very same habitats and animal species that they are learning about in each kit!


Learn about conservation + Supporting conservation efforts = Two for the price of Awesome

Look how excited J and Little E are about receiving their first Junior Explorers kit in the post! What a thrill it was for them to receive a hefty package from the postman with their names on it!

As promised, the box was full of materials – stickers and temporary tattoos, a wristband and pin, a water bottle, a large world map and a pocket-sized field guide. The kids got to work straightaway, decorating their trunk with the stickers, and then flipping through the field guide together, identifying the various biomes on the work map. Afterwards, I had them store all the loose items in the trunk, which would keep them safe from the Thumper, who is still putting everything and anything into his mouth.


Unboxing the first Junior Explorers Kit

After reading through the field guide together, they headed to the computer to complete the online missions. This was a set of quizzes which introduced the concept of biomes and helped J and Little E learn some interesting facts about the different sorts of animals which lived in each one. This gave me a good opportunity to initiate discussion about how different animals are adapted for life in different climates, and it certainly encouraged J to look up related facts on his own.

Although the kit is aimed at Primary school level kids between the age of 6-12 years old, 4 year old Little E seemed to enjoy it too, although she needed a little bit of guidance with reading. In fact, just having J around seemed to suffice, and J seemed to get a kick out of guiding his little sister through the online games and reading the field guide to her.

The two of them were completely engaged for the better part of a rainy afternoon indoors, which was a fantastic result! I think a subscription to the Junior Explorers Club would make a really great Christmas or birthday gift for the budding conservationist. J and Little E are certainly looking forward to receiving their next kit in the mail (which should be pretty soon!).

Get your own Junior Explorers subscription here

A Special for Owls Well Readers: The Junior Explorers Club is offering a generous discount on all subscriptions for Owls Well readers! Just quote ‘OW10’ at checkout to receive 10% off your order!


7 thoughts on “Expanding a child’s worldview (with Junior Explorers)

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  2. The Gorilla, seems its gonna be extinct and the closest resemblance to humans with their intelligence.. mayb I watched too many shows with them in it but seems to have a soft spot for them 🙂

    Lorna Tan
    Mom of gal 7

  3. I am fascinated by the blue whale. It is such a huge mammal and yet it seems like a gentle giant. And how it grows to such a size, wow!

  4. FB Jaime Chan
    leatherback turtle, the kids are exposed to turtle at a young age when they visited the turtle sanctuary at port dickson. it will be a great shame if they no longer can share the same with their own kids in future

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