In conversation with the Barn Owl: Modern Music

Editor’s note: I’ve inserted the links for the songs mentioned in this post – for the full multimedia experience, play the music videos as you continue reading.

(We’re in the car listening to the radio. It’s playing Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time”.)

Barn Owl: What’s with this song? The words are terrible. He sounds like one of those clip-board people.

Debs G: What people now?

Barn Owl: The survey people. The ones who stand on the street with clipboards going, “Ah, ‘scuse me, can I take 5 minutes of your time? Just 5 minutes.”

Debs G: Actually, I thought he was saying, “I just wanna waste your time.” Because he doesn’t sound like he wants to do anything worthwhile in this love song. Is it a love song?

Barn Owl: It’s not a love song, I’m telling you. It’s a street surveyor song. Songwriters are running out of things to write about.

Debs G: You might be right. I’ve noticed this trend in songs where there are references to another pop musician.

Barn Owl: That is not new, people have been inserting references to other musicians in their songs since forever. Like that song about Buddy Holly’s death by that country singer.

Debs G: No, not like that, I mean, that the song uses another pop musician’s name as part of the title and main lyrics and it’s supposed to be a compliment or something. You know, like ‘Moves like Jagger’. The whole chorus is all about being able to dance like Mick Jagger.

Barn Owl: Mick Jagger is NOT known for his moves. That guy cannot dance.

Debs G: There’s a song called ‘Walks like Rihanna‘.

Barn Owl: She has a nice walk?

Debs G: Beats me. I’ve never heard anyone talk about Rihanna’s walk like it was anything special.

Barn Owl: Then wouldn’t saying ‘she walks like Rihanna’ be kind of the same as saying ‘Walks like a normal person who has legs’? I don’t get it.

Debs G: Oh oh oh and I just heard on the radio, a song where the main chorus is like ‘Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on’.

Barn Owl: Maybe it’s popular now to make reference to retro musicians.

Debs G: What do you mean ‘retro’? Rihanna is not ‘retro’. Rihanna is new. Rihanna is current!

Barn Owl: Rihanna is NOT new. She’s been around for, what, ten years now?

Debs G: (spluttering now) What? No, wait, what? She’s not retro! Is she? She’s not!

Barn Owl: Your younger cousin, the fashionable one, started sporting that Rihanna hairdo when? About 6-7 years ago? Around the time when her song on came out on Glee?

(long silence)



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