Leveling Up (Pre-wedding Videos)

Since the Boobook and I are gearing up for our wedding, we thought we’d share a little bit of how we got to know each other.

Head on over to Some Sweet Honey to find out how we got to know each other, and how we documented our love story.

Some Sweet Honey

Since The Boobook and I are a fairly low-key couple, we didn’t want to do pre-wedding photography at famous Sydney landmarks, mostly because almost NONE of our dates took place at said landmarks but also because we didn’t feel that the overly artistic, lovey-dovey nature of such photos really captured the essence of our relationship (bleh!).

We decided to film a pre-wedding video instead, which turned out both cheaper and faster than a pre-wedding photoshoot, with a lot less of the fuss and running around!  Plus, given that both The Boobook and I are massive video game geeks, we felt that filming something both funny and sweet would really tell our love story better.

Jason Queue of QUED Productions was recommended to us by our chosen wedding videographers, Clarzzique (more on that later).  On perusing QUED’s facebook, I was rather charmed by the sense of humour that they showed on…

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