Live the Dream

So, in preparation for our upcoming wedding, the Boobook and I have been househunting up in the area North of Sydney.  The price of houses in that area has fallen greatly recently, so we’re looking to snag ourselves a bargain!

Both the Boobook and I have things we’re looking for in a house.  I’m really interested in having a nice big yard so that I can plant all sorts of fruit and veggies.  The Boobook wants ample interior space so that we can not only raise a family, but also have room for our personal projects – sewing, knitting and cooking for me, and plastic and woodworking for him.  Both of us want big shared family space for leisure and studies.  We’ll also be looking at houses with double garages, since it’s likely that we will have to commute separately.

Househunting has in this area has proven to be a bit… interesting.  A lot of the houses here are at least 10 years old and many of them have been built up to accommodate growing families.  Interiors are a bit like rabbit-warrens as a result!  Three weeks ago, we found a house that we both completely fell in love, only to find that it was snapped up the very next day by an investor for waaaaay more than we could possibly afford.

Of the remaining houses we’ve been to see, there’ve been some interesting ones.  It was raining on the same day that we found the pretty house we wanted and we actually visited a house that was raining as hard on the inside as it was on the outside, despite having a roof!  The real estate agent for that place was very embarrassed!  She kept repeating, “It’s a nice house, it just needs some work…” over and over again like a mantra!

Another house we went to was a perfectly lovely house, except for the fact that it was listed online as having four bedrooms, but we could only find three.  When we asked the real estate agent about the fourth bedroom, she said, “Oh, that’s downstairs!  Let me show you!”

She led us to the top of the stairs to the basement and the Boobook went down to look.  As he descended the stairs, she hastily added, “Oh!  You can do lots of things with that room and completely change the look.”

When the Boobook came back up, his face was flushed red and he said, “Well, if we wanted to build a sex dungeon in our new house, I guess we don’t have to anymore!”

I was curious, so I went to look.  It was a very explicit sex dungeon.  I didn’t take pictures (it would probably have made our readers blind).

When I relayed this tale of woe to my friend, she said, “Just buy all the houses, even the one with the dungeon.  Then you can become a slum lord!  Live the DREAM!”

Still, we haven’t let the strangeness of the houses that get to us yet.  There’s still just one more house on the market that’s liveable, so we’re going to put an offer on it.  It’s a little out of the way but it’s got a nice yard and it’s close to all the good schools in town.

Fingers crossed that our offer will be taken!


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