Life without Internet

The Alleged Machine

The Alleged Machine

I’m sorry about your computer, Debs.  The Boobook and I are big fans of building our own computers, which is why our current home computer is a store bought Hewlett Packard Envy Phoenix, which we did not build at all and that comes installed with possibly the worst iteration of Windows ever[1].

That being said, The Boobook and I are definitely members of the Glorious PC Master Race, which is why as I type, The Boobook and I are planning out our current and future computer needs.

It’s likely that as we start setting up a combined household, that each of us would need our own computer.  The Boobook and I play vastly different video games.  Plus, between my writing and his multiple programming and engineering projects, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to share a single computer between us.  Any computer that we get would either be too complex for my tastes, or not powerful enough for his needs.  We’ll probably also have a single computer as a shared computer for when guests arrive, or when we don’t have guests, for streaming Netflix movies in the living room.  I guess we’ll be living in a pretty technology-heavy household!

That being said, our household has not been completely computer drama free!  In fact, today is the first day that I’ve had internet for ages!

See, a month or two ago, my building received upgrades to get onto the National Broadband Network.  While I’m not fully  cogniziant of the details of how the NBN works, a fiber optic cable had to be installed into our building so that we could receive the network.  Unfortunately, the person who installed the cable decided that it would be a great idea to also cut the phone lines for the entire block.  Since the NBN network hasn’t been turned on yet, this meant that I was without my usual ADSL AND my land phone line for the entire two months it took for them to finish fixing up the whole mess!

Anyway, for the last month, life has been… difficult.  It’s nigh impossible to get anything done without Internet, really.  While I can check up on Internet things periodically on my mobile phone, I had to be super careful not to go over my download limit, since extra data costs extra LOTS of money.  I had to limit my Facebook activity (which was really painful!) and couldn’t watch a lot of my usual online videos.

Did you know that it’s really hard to cook without the Internet?  Most of my cookbooks have measurements in ounces and pounds.  Usually, I’d go online to see what the conversions were, but I couldn’t this time.  I also had difficulty accessing online recipes, since I couldn’t just put my tablet on the table and cook while looking at the instructions!

To be honest, I know that a lot of people claim that being without Internet makes them a lot more productive, but I’ve found that without the Internet, I’m a lot less productive, to the point of practically being a slug!  A lot of my friends communicate with me over the Internet too, so it’s really difficult to have no online presence!

Well, that’s over now!  So, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me now that I’ve got my network back!  Woo hoo!

[1]If you don’t know what this is, then you should know that it’s Windows 8.  Because Windows 8 is just horrible.  I mean, which idiot thought it was a good idea to make a touch screen interface for an operating system primarily designed for non-touch screen computers?!


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