Nanoblocks are terrible

I love Lego. I cannot tell you how much I love Lego. My husband loves Lego. The children love Lego.

I do not love nanoblocks. Nanoblocks are not Lego. They are tiny and evil.

Not long ago, J received some sets of nanoblocks as Christmas and birthday gifts. One of the sets involved building a replica model of a space shuttle, which he was quite enthusiastic about. I let him open it, thinking that it would be just like Lego, only smaller, and therefore more challenging. He was very close to finishing the model when he suddenly stopped, put all the pieces away into a tupperware, and walked away, never to return. The set still remains unfinished.

It’s not like J to leave a project unfinished, so I asked him why he didn’t want to continue. He cryptically answered that working on it was ‘too painful’. He showed no interest in opening one of the other sets of nanoblocks, so I decided that I would try my hand at making a replica of Big Ben, a landmark which holds personal significance to me.

This looks pretty straightforward, I thought to myself, squinting at the nano-sized instructions.

Well, I hadn’t started working on it for more than five minutes before I made my first mistake, and had to painstakingly pry all the pieces off the baseboard with my fingernails and start over.

Nanoblocks, tiny plastic pills of pain

Nanoblocks, tiny plastic pills of pain

The pieces were so small, that I was terrified that they would spill out of the packet and disappear forever down a crack in the sofa. They were also a real pain, I mean, literally causing me actual physical pain trying to press these tiny bits firmly together. Press too lightly and they wouldn’t clip together. Press too strongly and you risk breaking apart the entire structure. Either way, pressing repeatedly on these tiny blocks was like jabbing myself with the sharp end of a pencil. Again, and again, and again, until my thumb was red and throbbing.

I finally finished the whole structure after working on it for close to two hours.

It is now sitting next to my computer, and it looks pretty good!

Big Ben sitting in state

Big Ben sitting in state next to J’s Lego tree, my 3M Scotchtape dispenser kitty, and an Ood.

(I still hate nanoblocks, though. Nasty little things)


15 thoughts on “Nanoblocks are terrible

    • Yeah, I think it’s really for people who enjoy meticulous work – but I think that for kids, there are other ways to encourage fine finger work which are less painful and cause less eye strain!

    • That’s why I thought my son would love it! But he really doesn’t. Unfortunately, there is less room for creativity with this one because it is so difficult to dismantle and rebuild, so replay value is greatly decreased.

  1. Kudos to you for not giving up halfway. The Big Ben looks absolutely regal. I love the nanoblocks round the World Series but never had the courage to attempt building one. 😁

  2. What a hilariously funny post you have written, hahaha! I dont have much love for nanoblocks also because I think it doesnt have much room for imagination? It is just following instructions and fixing.. lego is so much more fun!

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