Cloth Nappies: Bumwear NV Diaper


Thumper is all comfortable in his Bumwear cloth nappy

Thumper has been using hand-me-down cloth nappies from J and Little E and he has been doing very well in them. When Rita, the mumpreneur behind Bumwear, offered to send me samples of the new All-in-two Cloth Diapers with their new NV inserts, I was very happy to have that opportunity. Thanks, Rita!

Bumwear is a local, homegrown cloth nappy brand and I have been a fan of their products since J was born. I already own more than two dozen Bumwear prefolds and half a dozen of their microfibre inserts, which have lasted me well over 7 years, so I was very excited to try out the new All-in-Two diapers – and they are terrific!

All-in-two Cloth Diapers (also known as “AI2” or “Hybrid” Cloth Diapers) are basically a waterproof diaper covers (or diaper wrap) used in combination with an absorbent insert. The insert goes directly against the baby’s skin, and is held in place using snaps. When the diaper is wet, only the insert needs to be changed, instead of the entire diaper.

This makes the cloth diapering system more ‘portable’ as a bunch of inserts and the very trim diaper covers take up a lot less room! I can take 6 inserts and 2 AI2 covers with me to last me a whole day and they take up hardly any space at all in my diaper bag. The new AI2 diaper covers are also compatible with the Bumwear prefolds and microfibre inserts (as doublers underneath the prefold or NV insert), which can be placed securely into elasticated pockets located at the front and the back of the cover.

The AI2 diaper covers come in a range of cute colours, and each diaper has several different snap settings which can be adjusted as the baby grows. I particularly like the leg gussets which are effectively leakproof and guard well against explosive breastfed baby poos! The waterproof inner lining is also of very good quality PUL and allows me to wipe the cover clean after each use, so I did not have to put it in the laundry unless it was soiled with poo.

The covers are recommended for use on babies above 5kg in size, which meant that Thumper couldn’t really use them until he was 6 weeks old. My personal preference is for nappies that can be used from birth to potty training, but I found these covers very useful once Thumper was big enough.

The new Bumwear NV inserts are really very nice indeed! They are made from three layers of highly absorbent microfibre, topped with a soft and smooth “stay dry” suede-cloth. The suede-cloth liner is great against the skin because it keeps dry even when the microfibre is soaking wet, so baby stays dry and comfortable. They also withstand repeated washes quite well and line dry incredibly fast.

The NV inserts are designed to snap in and out of the AI2 cover and they are also compatible with the Bumwear one-size pocket nappies, which have snaps so that the pocket nappies can also be used as a diaper wrap. This is a useful feature of Bumwear pocket nappies, as some parents would prefer not to have their baby’s skin come into contact with the waterproof PUL lining of the AI2 diaper cover.

The NV inserts have been very useful as inserts or boosters for my other pocket nappies, and I have also used them successfully with other AI2 diapering systems that have snaps. I can also see how the inserts would be useful in conjunction with disposable nappies to extend the usage life of a nappy during a long journey where he has to sit in a carseat for many hours or as an extra layer of absorbency if Thumper happens to be a heavy wetter at night.

You can get the Bumwear One-Size Diapers and NV inserts online from the Bumwear website or from the Bumwear flagship store at Marina Square Shopping Mall (6 Raffles Blvd, #03-156, Singapore 039594, Tel: +65 6251 0631).

By the way, Rita (the mumpreneur behind Bumwear) also tells me that Bumwear’s biggest sale and exhibition will be taking place at the Singapore Expo Baby Fair this coming weekend! She’ll be there with great deals on Bumwear diapers as well as thermal swimwear for babies.

Date: 9-11 Oct
Time: 11am — 9 pm (up to 8 pm on Sunday)
Singapore Expo Hall 5, Booth E11

11 thoughts on “Cloth Nappies: Bumwear NV Diaper

  1. I bought Bumwear for Lil Pumpkin when she needed them. So soft and loved the cute prints! Have passed them on to my sis since they are still in pretty good condition heh.. but maybe need to get more since I lost some inserts 😛

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