Sleeping Beauty on Ice by the Imperial Ice Stars

Last weekend, we were really privileged to win tickets to Sleeping Beauty On Ice from a giveaway hosted by Life’s Tiny Miracles. Woohoohoo!

I am so glad that we won the tickets because the show really exceeded expectations!

Really excited about Sleeping Beauty on Ice by the Imperial Ice Stars

Really excited about Sleeping Beauty on Ice by the Imperial Ice Stars

First of all, I was wondering how the Imperial Ice Stars would be performing as the venue, MasterCard Theatres, is not a large arena-style theatre which would be suitable for a traditional round ice-skating rink. Little did I know that the Imperial Ice Stars usually brings their own portable cooling equipment along with four tonnes of crushed ice to turn any theatre stage into a temporary ice rink!

Secondly, I did not expect the show to contain anything other than graceful figure skating to the music of Tchaikovsky…but it was so much more than that!

There was fire!

I mean, fire ON the ice!

And ballet!

I mean, ballet, with pointe shoes and everything, pirouetting ON the ice!

And there was aerial gymnastics! With ribbons!

And wirework! FLYING!!! With the blades of their skates flashing in the light as they cut through the air!

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Needless to say, the kids were completely mesmerised the whole time. Even little Thumper, who watched most of the show from the comfort of his sling!

J and Little E were initially rather confused by the story, which departs from both the traditional ballet version as well as the Disney version. However, once I explained to them that there exists more than one version of the fairytale, they became intrigued by the differences that they observed!

There are no fairies in this version. Instead, Sleeping Beauty has many older sisters, the most courageous of them being Princess Lilac. Princess Lilac vows to protect her sister from the wicked sorcerer who poisoned and kidnapped her during a birthday party, and sets out to look for her. In the process, she finds a prince whom she has to persuade to help her to slay the sorcerer and his minions whilst she seeks the antidote to the poison.

I was really glad that there was a 20 minute interval in the midst of the 2 hour long production. It came just in time for me to put Thumper to sleep, and it was a good opportunity for J and Little E to stretch their legs and visit the loo.

Whilst rocking Thumper to sleep in his sling, I observed many of the younger members of the audience twirling and prancing about in the aisle, imitating the gestures of the ice dancers. A tween-aged girl and boy sitting behind us were discussing the technical aspects of the performance, commenting on how difficult some of the spins and lifts were and comparing them to their personal experience in ice-skating.

My kids are now looking forward to spending some time on the ice themselves, as the ticket stubs for the show can be presented at the Skating Rink at Marina Bay Sands in exchange for free skate rental. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring them there this week!

P.S. Not convinced of the awesomeness? Check out these other reviews here, here and here!


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