Babywearing made easy : Baby K’tan Active (A baby sling review)

I love my baby slings and carriers – they are just one of the best baby gear investments that I’ve come across. I find baby wearing just so much easier than lugging a stroller all over the place, and if any of my tired little babies had trouble settling, just a few minutes in the sling would do the trick of lulling them into a deep slumber.

Not long after Thumper was born, a local mumpreneur asked if I would like to review the award-winning Baby K’tan carrier which is the anchor product in her webstore, Happy Coast Kids.

I am so glad that she asked me to try it out, because the Baby K’tan is now my favourite piece of babywearing gear, combining the best features of a structured baby carrier with that of a lightweight cloth wrap or sling. I have been using the Baby K’tan since Thumper was a month old, and I love it so much – I just wish I’d discovered this sooner!

The Baby K’tan comes in a variety of materials and colours, but I selected the Baby K’tan Active in a cool shade of Ocean Blue. This particular model is made from a very silky hi-tech performance fabric which wicks away sweat from the body (that is the fancy way of saying that it is similar to the dri-fit 100% polyester commonly seen in sportswear) which is machine-washable and dryer-safe as well as free from harmful chemicals, formaldehydes and azo-dyes.

Getting hot and sweaty whilst babywearing is one of the biggest problems that I face, especially in Singapore’s climate, so I was very excited about the lightness of the fabric and its unique temperature control properties. This fabric also blocks UVA and UVB rays, which makes it great for outdoors too!

Thumper is rather a sweaty baby and seems to get hot quickly, but I have noticed that he does not overheat as much in this sling as J and Little E used to do in my other slings. This means that he is quite able to take very long naps in the sling (sometimes up to a full 2 hour nap) when I am out and about, because he does not wake up feeling warm and sticky.

I find that I am able to carry him in the sling for a longer period of time too, as I don’t get hot and tired as quickly myself. Additionally, the sling is designed so that the baby’s weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders and across my back, so that I can maintain good posture. I can also spread out the fabric widely over my shoulders to further distribute Thumper’s weight so that I get less fatigued.

I love my Baby K'tan Active!

I love my Baby K’tan Active!

One of the great design features of the Baby K’tan is that it needs very little adjustment – there are no hard rings or buckles to grapple with, and no long straps to fiddle about with.

I have been experiencing carpal tunnel syndrom due to postpartum water retention and the subsequent pain and weakness in my hands has made it difficult for me to properly adjust my trusty sarong sling. I am so very glad to be able to avoid all the pulling and tugging with the Baby K’tan to get it to support Thumper in such a way that both he and I are comfortable. All I do is gently slide him into the sling and we are ready to go!

The Baby K’tan allows me to carry Thumper in a variety of positions as he grow older. At the moment, I have only tried 3 out of the 7 possible positions (as he’s still too small for the other carrying positions), and they have worked very well.

The sling packs up really tiny, into it’s own little bag (which can be converted into a sash for additional waist support), and takes up much less room than my usual ring sling, not to mention a structured carrier.

Comfortable in different carrying positions

Comfortable in different carrying positions

The only drawbacks that I found with the Baby K’tan Active are rather minor ones, related to the fact that the Baby K’tan has a fixed sizing, like clothing.

I have the Baby K’tan Active in size small, because I’m, well, small. The Barn Owl is much taller and broader than I am so we are not yet able to use the same sling. Saying that, the Barn Owl has been watching his weight recently, so he may well slim down to such an extent that we can share the same sling! That would be awesome because it’s always nice to be able to take turns carrying Thumper, which will become more important as he gets bigger and heavier.

I am also not able to breastfeed Thumper whilst ‘on the move’ as I cannot loosen the sling enough to do this comfortably and discreetly. However, I have taken Thumper out of the sling and used the Baby K’tan Active as a makeshift nursing shawl when I don’t have anything else handy.

The Baby K’tan Active can carry kids up to about 16kg (35lbs, to be exact), and the cross-stretch of the fabric along with the different carrying positions will allow me to use the same sling as Thumper grows, so I foresee that I will be happily using it for a LONG time!

If you would like to get your own Baby K’tan Active sling, you can visit Happy Coast Kids (Singapore’s exclusive distributor for Baby K’tan) or any of the following stores and online retailers below:

The Birth Shop
310 Shunfu Road
Singapore 570310

Maternity Exchange
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
#03-108, Singapore 039594
+65-6100-EXCH (6100-3924)

Parentcraft Shop
Thomson Medical Centre
PCC Products Pte Ltd
339 Thomson Road
#01-06, Singapore 307677

Online Retailers:

Agape Babies

Nursing Muslimah


10 thoughts on “Babywearing made easy : Baby K’tan Active (A baby sling review)

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  2. Because my 2mo is sweating buckets in her ergo, and my birthshop sg sling is quite a hassle to put together, very interested to try Ktan Active!

    Fav model: Ktan active
    Size: M
    Colour: Black
    Fb acct: msgracecheng

    • Oh forgot to include: my babys sleep pattern is erratic… daytime she can sometimes go for just 2 hours of naptime for the entire day after nursing. But today as its raining… shes clocked 4 hours and counting!

  3. favourite model: baby k’tan
    colour: ocean blue
    size: small of Baby K’tan
    how long it takes you to put your child to sleep: depends on which one it is. Haha. 1/2 hour for the middle one.

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