Motherhood Hacks!

I don’t know what it is about being a 3rd time mummy, but I find myself feeling very aware of the fleetness of Thumper’s babyhood and I am really enjoying looking after my little baby.

This is probably for the following reasons:

  1. I no longer suffer from ‘first-time parent anxiety’.
  2. Having had both a boy and a girl previously, I feel like I have a good handle on the situation with Thumper.
  3. Thumper is likely to be my last little baby (until I have grandchildren – and I probably won’t be their main caregiver anyway) as the Barn Owl and I now feel as if our family is fully complete.
  4. I have developed my own set of Motherhood Hacks that help me troubleshoot the kids, maintain my sanity and keep me grounded in reality. This gives me mental energy to be able to have brain space left over to appreciate Thumper’s tiny self.

I wish I’d discovered these Motherhood Hacks earlier, because it would have saved me from being so stressed out and confused whilst in those first few months of raising both J and Little E. So I’ve decided that as Thumper grows, I will write a set of Motherhood Hacks for each developmental stage of his first year – hope you will find this fun to read (and helpful too!). Look out for my first post on Motherhood Hacks later this month!


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