Last Minute Teacher’s Day Craft Ideas: DIY Photo bookmark

When J and I were brainstorming for ideas for a good Teacher’s Day gift, Little E mentioned that she wanted to make a gift for her teachers too. However, she did not want to give her preschool teachers a pen, like her older brother, citing that her teachers hardly ever use pens at all. She decided that she wanted to give her teachers a bookmark.

I railed against the idea of giving her teacher’s the usual plain rectangular bookmark covered with random stickers and scribbles, which although it would be made with tender loving care, would not be very memorable. So, we decided to make photo bookmarks instead.

A simple and meaningful bookmark craft!

A simple and meaningful bookmark craft!

What you will need:

  1. A computer
  2. A digital camera or smartphone
  3. A printer
  4. Blank card paper or matte photo paper (we used matte photo paper)
  5. Scissors
  6. Paper knife or craft knife
  7. (Optional: Alphabet stamps and ink)

How we did it:

  1. We started off by taking a picture of Little E standing in front of a white background, holding her arms slightly away from her sides.
  2. To make Little E stand out against a white background, I asked her to choose clothes with a bright pattern on it. I also smoothed her hair into different hairstyles to see which one would work the best.
  3. Using a word processing programme on the computer, I drew boxes that were roughly 2″ x 6″ in size and inserted Little E’s photos into each one, making sure that the width of her picture was exactly 2″. (With the page setup in ‘landscape’ format, I could fit 5 bookmarks in a row vertically and 2 bookmark horizontally)
  4. I printed off the cards onto matte photo paper, and carefully cut them out using scissors.
  5. Using a sharp paper knife, I carefully cut out the outline of Little E’s head, shoulders and arms and along the sides of her dress, extending the edge of the dress to the end of the bookmark.
  6. On the back of the bookmark, Little E used alphabet rubber stamps to print a short message to each of her teachers
  7. Ta-Dah! The bookmarks are done!

I hope Little E’s teachers get some good use out of the bookmarks and enjoy seeing her little face smiling up at them each day!


12 thoughts on “Last Minute Teacher’s Day Craft Ideas: DIY Photo bookmark

    • Yes, I thought so too! I tried to get her to pose with her palms flat against the white background but she was more comfortable posting this way (which works better because cutting in between fingers is problematic).

  1. again, brilliant idea! just curious, why you would use a paper knife to cut the edges, rather than a scissors? I would assume there would be better control with scissors?

  2. This is very cute!! I should consider making these for the girls hoping they might find reading more fun with their custom bookmarks.

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