Last Minute Teacher’s Day Craft Ideas: Photo Pen-Holder Card

Teacher’s Day is just around the corner, and the kids and I were trying to come up with simple gift ideas.

J wanted to give each of his teachers a pen as he noticed that all of his teachers seem to use up pens very quickly. I thought that this was a very practical but rather impersonal gift, so our challenge was to come up with a way to present his gift that was not only unique but memorable.

We decided that we would make Teacher’s Day cards using J’s photo and slot a pen into each one, so that it would look as if he was holding the pen like a light saber!

A unique card for Teacher's Day!

A unique card for Teacher’s Day!

What you will need:

  1. A computer
  2. A digital camera or smartphone
  3. A printer
  4. Blank card paper or matte photo paper (we used matte photo paper)
  5. Scissors
  6. Paper knife or craft knife
  7. (Optional: Alphabet stamps and ink)

How we did it:

  1. We started off by taking a picture of J holding a small object in his hands (so that his fingers would curl naturally) against a white background.
  2. To make J stand out against a white background, I asked him to choose dark clothes with a bright pattern on it.
  3. Using a word processing programme on the computer, I inserted J’s photo into the file, carefully positioning it so that his hands were roughly in the centre of the card.
  4. I printed off the cards onto matte photo paper, and J carefully cut them out using scissors.
  5. You can actually just print out a message on the left side of the card, but we decided that it would be more personal if J handstamped his message. We got our alphabet stamps from The Paper Stone (the stamping ink was a gift from a friend), but most scrapbooking or craft stores will have something similar.
  6. Using a sharp paper knife, I carefully cut along the outline of his hand and arm, making a slit big enough to slot in the pen.
  7. I had J stamp his teachers’ names on the front of the card, and write a personal note to each teacher in the blank space next to his picture.
  8. Ta-dah! The card is done!

I really liked how the card turned out – so I might use this technique to make party favours or maybe have J holding a pencil, a lollipop or a party whistle!

The options are endless!


18 thoughts on “Last Minute Teacher’s Day Craft Ideas: Photo Pen-Holder Card

  1. I have this weird thinking of including photos of my kids in gifts and tags etc. Like you know how some parents print their baby photos on wrappers for chocolate “outfit” for baby shower? Guests would just tear and throw the pic away. Hmmm anyway, this is a nice and thoughtful gift nevertheless. Hope the teacher likes it!

    • I’m hoping that as this is a teacher’s day card, it won’t see the inside of a trash bin so soon! I have it on good authority that most teachers will treasure handmade cards or those with heartfelt messages in them.

  2. this is a mad cool idea! I am trying to think up of a good idea for a teacher’s day gift too! Ollie’s not gonna stay still enough for me to take a decent photo..grr

    • Thanks! If Ollie isn’t going to stay still, you could make it into a photo series all smushed together on one card! Then it would look like many Ollies carrying one pen.

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  4. wahahaha… it works for your photogenic kids la…. but such wacky and neat idea! Will share on my GH fb! : ) Am really not thinking about this yet…. ; p more last min than you…

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