The Discworld Wedding

Discworld Wedding Cake by Jane's Cakes

Discworld Wedding Cake by Jane’s Cakes

It is a well known fact, Debs, that people in our family talk in their sleep fairly responsively.  The following conversation takes place over the period of a naptime, on a Saturday afternoon after I slipped into a sugar coma.

A Becky LeeSgt Angua should be invited to the wedding.  She’s a decent person.

Boobook: What about her family?

A Becky Lee: Well, lycantrophy should be allowed at the reception, so long as they wear a bow tie or something, but we shouldn’t invite the von Überwalds because they’d eat the other guests.  And we should invite Gaspode, but only as Trixie Bell.  That way, he’ll have had a bath.

Boobook: You know, if you invite Gaspode, you’ll also be inviting Foul Ole Ron.

A Becky Lee: I don’t think that would be a good idea.  Let’s give them something to eat so that they can go away.

Boobook: I hear they like boot soup.

A Becky Lee: They can eat it outside the reception venue… and we should invite Lady Margalotta.

Boobook: Do you really want to be competing with inexplicably beautiful 200-year-old women?

A Becky Lee:  Well, we can make it Black Ribboners Only.

Boobook: That will make the catering easier.

And then I woke up.

This wedding is driving me crazy, Debs.  I’m inviting fictional people in my sleep!


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