The importance of a good pillow (or, Sofzsleep saves my sanity)

As you may already know, I suffered terribly with all-day sickness and vomiting during pregnancy as well as blinding migraines, and was pretty much a complete wreck of a person.

During the early days of my pregnancy last year, Sofzsleep got in contact with me to ask if I would be happy to help them review their new junior pillow for kids. Unfortunately, I had to turn their offer down as I did not think I would be able to produce a decent post for them within the time frame that they stipulated, as I was barely able to look at my computer for more than a few minutes a time without triggering a migraine. Sofzsleep very kindly decided to send across their classic pillow, as a gesture of goodwill with no obligation to write a review about it.

I passed the new pillow onto the Barn Owl that very evening. He’d been commenting that we should change our down pillows as they were starting to lose their shape, but we had never considered using latex pillows before.

The minute the Barn Owl laid his head down on the new Sofzsleep pillow, he exclaimed, “Wow! It’s like sleeping on a cloud!”. The next day, he commented that he was feeling strangely relaxed before work, so much so that he didn’t require his usual morning kopi-infusion of caffeine. “That was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.”

As for me, it was the best sleep that I’d ever had in a long time, because the Barn Owl didn’t snore all night. I normally have to wake up one or two times at night to jab him in the head to get him to turn to the side (although turning to the side didn’t always reduce the snoring), but that night, he didn’t make a single sound.

Owls Well says: Good pillow = good sleep = good morning = everyone wins!

Six months later, I was still enjoying a silent night and a good sleep, and I noticed that the pillow, being made of dunlop latex, maintained its shape well. I was totally convinced of the awesome power of somnolence that a good quality pillow would have, so I went and bought FOUR more pillows – for myself, for the Aged Ps and one for J. (Little E doesn’t use a pillow to sleep – she prefers to sleep on her face).

I decided to get the Sofzsleep ‘Design’ pillow as it has both a firm side and a soft side, as my parents have different preferences for pillow firmness. Unfortunately, I had just missed the Sofzsleep Chinese New Year promotion but the Sofzsleep folk were kind enough to let me purchase the pillows at a small discount! Thanks, Sofzsleep!

For J, the pillow’s natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties help him to have a better rest. I am also very impressed by the Sofzsleep Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification (amongst others), which is the highest standard of health certification available, meaning that all components of the pillow are free from harmful substances making it safe for even for babies!

Thumper enjoying some tummy time on the silky bamboo cover of the Sofzsleep design pillow.

Thumper enjoying some tummy time on the silky bamboo cover of the Sofzsleep design pillow.

As for the Aged Ps, they have been using their new pillows for a few months now. Although the pillows haven’t had the same magical effect on my dad’s nightly noises as they did on the Barn Owl, my dad says, “I don’t know how come when I use this pillow, I sleep so well. And it bounces back into shape. I like it.” I have also noticed that they have not commented on having neck or shoulder pain for some months!


A Bonus for Owls Well Readers: Sofzsleep has kindly agreed to sponsor a giveaway of one adult-sized pillow (classic or design model worth SGD$128) to one lucky Owls Well Reader! Huzzah!

If you would like to win a Sofzsleep latex pillow, just complete the following:

  1. Be a fan of the Sofzsleep Facebook page
  2. Like and share this Facebook post, tagging 3 friends – make sure your post is public!
  3. Leave a comment below telling me about a dream that you once had as well the name of your Facebook account that you used to like and share the page. Don’t forget to include your email address! (If you would like to send me the email address privately, leave a comment for the other answers, then email me at 4owlswell [at] gmail [dot] com)

(Giveaway is open to anyone with a Singapore address and will end on 16th August 2015. Winners will be picked via – just make sure you complete all 3 easy steps!)

Update: This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been emailed! Thanks for playing!


23 thoughts on “The importance of a good pillow (or, Sofzsleep saves my sanity)

  1. I once had a dream that I couldn’t find a toilet that was in usable condition. They were either occupied, filthy or had no doors! *panic* Then I realise that this dream recurs when my bladder is full whilst I’m asleep (too much info?).

    FB name: Lyn Lee (liked, shared, tagged, post set to public – star student or what)
    email addy: lilbluebottle (at) gmail (dotcom)

  2. When i was pregnant i had really weird random dreams…. one of the most vivid dream was when i wrote a song together with Billy Corgan (of Smashing Pumpkins, who in recent years converted from a depressive rocker to born again Christian)- the melody was perfect, the lyrics were spot-on, and i was pretty sure i’d remember it after I woke up as i kept singing it over and over again (yes even in my dream i knew it was too good to be true)… and when I woke up, can’t recall a single thing! Not even a single verse! 😢😰😭 there goes my rock star dream!

    Grace Cheng fb name: msgracecheng liked and shared!

      • Speaking of tests, reminds me of the dream I had only a few years back- was back in my sec sch uniform and in my school hall, taking my Olevel paper. After the loooong instructions given by the invigilator, she gave the -‘ …and your time starts now!’

        So i picked up my pen, wrote my name… and then she announce …’time’s up! Please hand in your paper!’ In total shock and horror as the invilglators marched down to collect my blank script without giving me a chance!

        Even though more than 10 years have already passed since my O’s, i still woke up from that dream in a cold sweat and relieved it was just a dream. Amazing how examination stress can still haunt you long after its over..

  3. After I gave birth last month, I have to wake up every two hours. In between that I always dreamt of the things I need to prepare in the morning, breakfast for kids, their uniform, their meals etc. When I wake up in the morning, it seems I never slept. Soo tired. I love to give the latex pillow a try. I hope to get back my sleep. Thank you.

  4. I dream of going to some seaside resort with my 3 kids for my (long overdue) honeymoon. I was soaking in a bubble bath with champagne. Hopefully it might come true soon.

    FB: Michelle Ma

  5. FB Name: JingRong Loh
    I dream that I clear my paper at 52 marks upon 100 marks but it turned out to be 46 marks 😦
    Guess I have to put in a little more effort.

  6. I can hardly remember any dreams because I couldn’t sleep much at night for the past FOUR years. My mind and body is so tuned to the slightest movement from both my girls, I wake up at least twice every night. Perhaps this pillow might change my life!

    FB: Claudia Lim

  7. I remembered “seeing” my unborn baby girl (I was expecting then) in my dream. I saw her moving in a pool and we were swimming together, just the two of us. There were no words, just flows movements but I knew she’s mine for keeps.

    Facebook Nickname: Cyn Tenshi

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