Mistress A Becky Lee BA MPA Esq etc.

Hey!  Check me out!



That’s right!  After three years of working and studying, I have now gradMAtated!  It’s like graduating, but you get a MAsters.  Get it?

So, I am now A Becky Lee BA, MPA!  That’s Mistress A Becky Lee of Professional Accounting to you!

All Hail and Onward to the next accreditation!

…and onward to the next job too.

A note from Debs G: A Becky Lee is too modest to say this, but I have no qualms in giving credit where credit is due! A Becky Lee has been studying for her Masters degree part-time whilst also holding down a full-time job, so it’s been a very tough three years for her trying to juggle everything – so congratuMAlations and celeMAbrations to you, little Sis! We’re all very VERY proud!

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