Dear Mummy: Little gifts from little hands

J and Little E are generally quite affectionate children and they aren’t afraid to be demonstrative. I am frequently showered with hugs and kisses, and one of the joys of my day is being greeted at the school gate by bright eyes and smiling faces.

It always amazes me how much the children think about me when we are apart. I always imagine that kids are so busy at school with their friends that they don’t have a spare moment to think about their parents. However, I could not be further from the truth…and here is the evidence:

Dear Mummy, These are for you

Dear Mummy, these are for you. Love J and Little E

All the above are little gifts from J and Little E, and all done when they have been out and about without me.

First is a little drawing on the back of an envelope done by Little E whilst she was out with the Aged Ps, accompanied by a bracelet of blue jewel beads that she made in school. The drawing is a portrait of my pregnant self, of course, complete with tiny baby in the womb!

Next is a bunch of tulips which J brought home for me after a recent visit to Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay. Apparently, the gardeners were giving away stalks of tulips to whomever wanted them and J insisted on taking a few home for me, because the tulips are pretty and “Mummy likes pretty things”.

Last is a Mother’s Day card prepared by Little E in school. This turned out to be (bizarrely) a collaborative art piece between J and Little E, because Little E claims to have consulted J about the colour scheme of the flowers. She says that the purple flower is from herself, and the yellow flower is from J.

Thank you, children, for thinking of me. I love you too.


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