Preparing for Baby: Cleaning up the house (with Attitude)

When choosing household cleaning products, I try to pick non-toxic, environmentally-friendly options as I prefer to limit my family’s exposure to known carcinogens as well as reduce the negative impact that we have on the environment. Although I acknowledge that it is not always possible to completely avoid exposure to carcinogens, seeing as we live in an urban society (and a polluted world), I feel that I should at least try my best not to introduce more toxins into our immediate environment as possible.

When I became pregnant with Baby #3, I realised that I would have to be much more vigilant when checking the ingredients of our cleaning products, especially the floor and bathroom cleaners. Additionally, all the old and dusty baby things need to be taken out of storage and given all a thorough surface cleaning. So, at the end of last year, I was all ready (after much procrastinating) to begin researching some new eco-friendly brands when the kind ladies behind local online store, Ecobaby, got in contact with me to ask if I would like to try out the eco-friendly, carcinogen-free range of household cleaning products from ATTITUDE!

After looking at the ATTITUDE company website, I decided to give their products a try, so Ecobaby was generous enough to send along a basic set of four cleaning products which I have been using since January this year.

Worry-free household cleaning products

Worry-free household cleaning products

Apart from their carbon-neutral manufacturing and business practices, ATTITUDE products are biodegradable but made in an environment that ensures no contamination with known carcinogenic chemicals 1, 4-Dioxane (a solvent used during the manufacturing process of industrial chemicals) and Ethylene Oxide (a gas used during the manufacturing process for detergents and in the sterilising of medical and hospital equipment), which are commonly found in tiny amounts in everyday personal care and cleaning products.

Of course, if you are checking product labels carefully, you may not find these chemicals listed as an ingredient, as they are not intentionally added, but exist as unintentional by-products or in very low concentrations as contaminants. This is why most government regulatory bodies will not require them to be listed as an ingredient although they are known carcinogens.

My beef with eco-friendly cleaning products is that they tend be of such a mild and gentle (or weak) formulation that their actual cleaning power is greatly reduced unless they are used in extremely liberal quantities[1]. However, this is not the case with the ATTITUDE cleaners which appear to be highly effective in small amounts. I have been using the cleaners for the last four months and there’s still plenty left!

I especially like the Floor Surfaces Tile & Wood cleaner which I use almost daily by diluting it into a spray bottle. It gives my wood floors a nice shiny finish and has a really nice citrus scent…and it doubles very nicely as a toilet cleaner too when used neat. The Toy and Surface cleaner has also come in very useful for giving all the toys and our trusty cot-and-bassinet a through cleaning, and I use it on other surfaces in the children’s rooms – and I’m happy knowing that there will be no toxic residue left on the surfaces for Baby #3 to ingest when he starts putting everything into his little mouth.

ATTITUDE also has a range of laundry products and dishwashing detergents which I haven’t yet tried out, but after seeing how well their other cleaning products have work for me, I wouldn’t mind giving them a go!

(By the way, if you would like to try ATTITUDE cleaning products in your household, you can get them from

[1]A Becky Lee once purchased some ecofriendly laundry and dishwashing powders. Nothing got cleaned, and everything smelled of poo.


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