The Weather on the Inside of a Washing Machine

Rain so thick that it's practically a fog

Rain so thick that it’s practically a fog

I did not go to work today.  This is not because I am sick or otherwise incapable, but because the outside of Sydney looks rather like the inside of a washing machine.  Y’know, because of the cyclone.

The rain has been pelting down heavily since this morning and, with winds of up to 130 km/h, sometimes pelts sideways rather than down.  The roads have flooded, some coastal areas have had homes washed away and some boats have been unable to dock at harbour because of the height of the waves.

The NSW Premier has actually told us not to undertake any non-essential travel and made a call for employers to be a flexible with employees today, as the roads are pretty dangerous.  The last time I went out (to work yesterday), I was soaked to the bone and blown about like a leaf after my umbrella turned inside out.

Thankfully, I’m pretty safe here in my city-bound home, though I did receive a warning from my workplace not to come in as trees were falling down on cars.

Still, there’s a lot of work to do here, as the wind has blown all the things on my balcony about, so I’ll have to tie it all down with a tarp.



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