Crazy Hat Day: Paper Pirate Hat

Although J isn’t having a Crazy Hat Day at his school, he really wanted to make his own paper hat as well, after seeing Little E’s ladybird bug hat. Since he’s been reading some pirate-related literature (namely, How to Train Your Dragon: How to be a Pirate and Pirates from the Horrible Histories series), he decided that he wanted to make a pirate hat!

Here’s how we did it –


  1. Black construction paper (we used 2 sheets of A3 art block, painted black)
  2. White paper
  3. Glue or sticky tape (we used PVC glue)
  4. Scissors
  5. Pencil
  6. (Optional) Clothes pegs
  7. (Optional) Black marker
  8. (Optional) Feathers, cloth strips, sequins



1. From each sheet of black paper, cut out a 1.5-2 inch strip of paper from the longest edge of the paper and tape this together to make a circular hatband. Adjust this to fit your child’s head.

2. Cut out the shape of the pirate hat from the two sheets of black paper.

3. Using glue or tape, fix the front and back of the pirate hat to the hatband. We used a dab of PVC glue and clothes pegs to hold the hat band in position.

4. Glue or tape the two left and right edges of the pirate hat together. Again, we used PVC glue and clothes pegs for this.

5. On a sheet of white paper, get your child to sketch out the following shapes: four hearts, two long rectangles, one large semicircle and one small semicircle. These will form the skull and cross bones on the pirate hat. On the flat sides of the semi- circles, draw four or five squares or rectangles (to represent the teeth of the skull).


6. Using scissors, cut out the shapes from the white paper and assemble them as shown in the picture above to form the skull and crossbones.

7. You can draw eyes in the skull using black marker or cut two holes out of the skull using scissors.

8. Glue the skull and crossbones to the front of the hat.

9. If your pirate is a bit of a dandy, you can decorate the pirate hat with feathers, sequins or strips of coloured cloth!

10. Practice your best pirate voice! ARRRRRRR!




2 thoughts on “Crazy Hat Day: Paper Pirate Hat

  1. A tip I learnt from your Hats making posts is to use clothes pegs to glue down the paper! Clever idea! Definitely much more effective than holding the two pieces of paper with the fingers 🙂

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