Quietly, quietly: A Round up of tributes to a great man

Out of respect for the passing of Singapore’s senior statesman, the late MM Lee Kuan Yew, there will be no book month-related post on Owls Well today. Instead, we bring to you a collection of what we feel are well-written and meaningful personal tributes, starting with:

  1. A Becky Lee’s review of MM Lee’s Memoirs
  2. This very balanced and thoughtful post by Lyn Lee of Lil Blue Bottle
  3. A very personal reflection on the impact MM Lee’s policies had on the average Singaporean by Angie of Life’s Tiny Miracles (and one by David of Life’s Tiny Miracles)
  4. An account of how Pamela of TanFamilyChronicles teaches her young children about why the nation is grieving for one man.
  5. These thoughts about the impact that Mr Lee has on one woman in different stages of her life by yAnn of Yannisms.
  6. This beautifully written note by Missus Tay from Missus Tay’s Journal
  7. A heartfelt thank you by Dot of A Pancake Princess
  8. More thoughts on the passing of a great man by V of Life is in the Small Things
  9. An inspired poem written during an early morning cycle through the city by Rachel of MalMal Our Inspiration
  10. An unexpected grief reaction by Ai of Sakura Hakura

And finally: 11068243_10152701206416437_6961712332075768712_n

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