Book Month at the Nest and the Burrow!

Although we at Owls Well are not citizens of the United States of America, we have decided that being married to an Englishman and affianced to an Australian South African (certified White) person respectively, makes us very very American indeed!

Therefore, we at Owls Well have decided that this month, we are going to celebrate American National Reading Group Month!

So, go twice as high as a butterfly and take a look in a book!

Of course, if you’re too lazy to read, or (like me) are absolutely terrible at literary analysis and just want to learn, you should hit up Thug Notes brought to you by Sparky Sweets, PhD.

Each week, Dr Sweets lays down a comprehensive summary of a literary classic and provides a fairly detailed post-modern analysis of each novel in basic and hilarious Jive talk.  The series is fairly responsive to its watchers, with the latest few episodes based on requests sent to its Twitter.  I’ve put in a request for the Joy Luck Club, which I had to study back in the Secondary School.

This show is not just meant for high school students either.  As the show’s presenter, comedian Greg Edwards states, “the truth is, the gift of literature is universal in meaning and should be made accessible to everyone on every plane.”

My favourite episode of Thug Notes is the one about George Orwell’s 1984, simply because the figure representing Julia has waffle-permed hair in a side tail – totally 80’s yo!

(WARNING: There is foul language in the video, yo!)

Of course, if you don’t like too much cussin’ with your learnin’, you should totally check out Crash Course Literature presented by the cleaner and neater Mr John Green.  Crash Course provides a more technically academic view of literary devices and themes used in the novels it analyses, but is no less informative.

So, happy reading y’all and come hit us up later in the week for more of dat sweet book lovin’, EUH!


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