50 Shades of Ick

It goes without saying that rats need exercise and that the most popular form of rat exercise is the wheel.  Since rats have fairly delicate paws, it’s not suitable for them to be running in a wire wheel.  Thus, my rats have a Transoniq Wodent Wheel to run in, a specially designed wheel that is both easy to clean and prevents them from hurting their paws.  I bought the wheel and some assorted toys from The Dapper Rat and immediately installed the wheel in the rat cage when it arrived.

There was just one problem.

Wodent Wheels have a metal base for stability, but if you have particularly robust rats like I do, the wheel shakes when they run in it.  The resulting noise is not unlike a neverending hammering against the base of the cage.

After suffering several nights of noise, I decided to secure the wheel to the ceiling of the cage both to increase stability and also to get some peace and quiet.  After all, if the base couldn’t move, the rattling would stop.  So, I went down to the nearest hardware store and requested the smallest available cable ties for the job.

And was refused sale.

In fact, I was refused sale at the next few hardware stores as well.  Some of the salespeople didn’t even want to help me or look at me the moment the words “Cable” and “Tie” left my mouth.  It wasn’t until the third store when I found out why I was being refused sale.

It was because this movie had just come out (link NSFW!).  For obvious reasons, the remainder of this post will be behind a cut.

Apparently, a lot of people who really like 50 Shades of Grey have been buying cable ties for… reasons… and have hurt themselves on said cable ties.  The result being that most hardware stores were now refusing to sell cable ties to women in case they repeated the mistake.  The same went for other objects like rope and duct tape.

Apparently, this isn’t just an Australian-wide phenomenon, but rather a world wide one.

I don’t usually read romance books, so perhaps I’m not as qualified to comment on this as others might be, but I don’t understand why 50 Shades of Grey is such a popular book/movie.  More importantly, I don’t understand why people who read this book feel compelled to copy the actions of its main characters, particularly since, as this article in the Sydney Morning Herald points out, the boundaries between sex and violence are extremely blurred in the movie and the conventions that it conforms to aren’t exactly the greatest.  It should not be every woman’s dream to be dating a commitment phobic, creepy domestically controlling man with violence issues, no matter how rich he is or how good he looks without a shirt on.

Plus, far be it from me to comment on anyone’s bedroom habits, but wouldn’t you want to make sure that you’re, y’know… doing things safely…. when engaging in any sort of bedroom activity, spicy or otherwise?

In any case, stop buying cable ties to imitate characters in dirty books.  It ruins it for the rest of us who want to use them for their intended purpose of cabling rat wheels to cage ceilings.

Incidentally, I did manage to get my ties in the end – I brought my Clio into the store and had her buy them.

How could you possibly say no to that cute widdle face?

How could you possibly say no to that cute widdle face?

Now I can sleep at night.




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