A wee bit of fairy dust #2: Jedi Academy Lost and Found

So Little E wasn’t the only one who had the opportunity to have a very personal magical experience at DisneyWorld – J had his moment when we were at the DisneyWorld Hollywood Studios, and it lasted long after we returned from Orlando due to the amazing fabulousness that is Disney Customer Service.

When A Becky Lee and I were doing our trip planning for Disneyworld Hollywood Studios, we found out that there was a chance for J to take part in the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy (unfortunately, 3 year old Little E just missed the age cutoff by a few months). Although J has not yet watched the films or the cartoons, he is well aware of Star Wars and knows a little bit about all the characters, so we knew that this was an event that was not to be missed!

So when we arrived at Hollywood Studios, the first thing we did was head straight to the ABC Sound Stage to register J for a place in the academy. We were allowed to choose a time slot for his training, and returned later on in the day to be robed and sabred.

Oh, our little recruit was so excited! He was given an exclusive Jedi Training Academy badge to wear that had his name written on it, brown hooded robes and, along with all the other little younglings, marched down to the training grounds with the Jedi Master shouting, “Way, way! Make way for the padawans of the Jedi Training Academy!”

At the training ground, the Jedi Masters gave them some basic combat training and taught them to use their light sabres safely…but who should interrupt the session but the terrifying Darth Maul!

Good heavens!

All the little padawans had a turn duelling with the snarling Sith Lord, including J, who had the biggest grin on his face as he parried furiously with his light sabre.


It’s all in the wrist!

Afterwards, J received a little training certificate which he was very proud of. As for the Jedi Training Academy button, he took it off his shirt and fastened it proudly to his backpack. Unfortunately, with one thing and another (i.e. some vigorous rocking out to a live band), the button dropped off and we couldn’t find it.

By this time, the Jedi Training Academy was closed, so there was no way we could get a replacement. J was a little sad about losing the button, but he was quite mature about the whole thing and decided not to let that spoil his day. Seeing him act so reasonably about it made me feel that I should try a little harder to see if we could recover the badge.

In any case, I called up the Disney Lost and Found the very next evening and found out that the button had not turned up. Oh well.

Normally, I would have just given up at this point, but A Becky Lee reminded me not to underestimate the power of Disney’s Customer Service!

So, when we visited Epcot Center, I paid a visit to Guest Relations and had a chat with the cast member working the desk. She took down our contact information and said that she would ring up Hollywood Studios to ask them to keep an eye out for it. I didn’t really expect to hear anything after that, but I was satisfied that I had tried my best to recover J’s lost badge.

Imagine my surprise when this arrived in our mailbox after our return to Singapore!

Special delivery!

Special delivery for J!

Imagine the look on J’s face when he opened the package to find a shiny new Jedi Training Academy badge inside! He was thrilled to pieces.

Of course, it was not the same one that he had misplaced – this replacement button had his name written in beautiful calligraphy and had stars drawn on it, so it was even nicer than the one that went missing! Thank you Disneyworld!

Thank you Disneyworld!

The Force is strong in this one!


12 thoughts on “A wee bit of fairy dust #2: Jedi Academy Lost and Found

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  3. No kidding! This is amazing!! And you are one persistent mother. I wouldn’t have bothered and told my kid, “Too bad. Learn your lesson and look after your belongings carefully next time.” End of story. *evil laugh*

    • Oh, if he’d thrown a huge almighty tantrum, I would probably have done the same. But he was very mature about it, acknowledging that it was his own fault, and even went to the lost and found to speak to the staff himself. The rest, I did quietly without him knowing. I wanted him to know that I had his back.

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