Disney Vacation Club: Be Prepared for the Hardest Hard Sell in your Life

How A Becky Lee managed to score extra VIP Fastpasses for our DisneyWorld Orlando holiday (and some delicious ice-cream).

Owl Fly Away

A lot of people have been asking us how I managed to score extra VIP fastpasses for the whole family.  Well, the answer is both simple and complicated.

DisneyVacationOn the first day of our Disneyworld vacation, The Boobook and I were engaged in vigorous pin trading and we noticed that the best pins were available at the Disney Vacation Club booths that were liberally sprinkled throughout the park.

Since the Disney Vacation Club is essentially Disney’s timeshare program, it was not surprising that the booths were often avoided by other guests.  Thus, the cast members at said booths were almost always free, super-friendly and readily available for directions and information.

Eventually, during a break between one ride and the next attraction, we ended up talking to one of them about the Disney Vacation Club and what it was about.  We were informed that the booths were set up for…

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2 thoughts on “Disney Vacation Club: Be Prepared for the Hardest Hard Sell in your Life

  1. We, too, were lured in by the promise of free fast passes. In the end we walked away having secured a 10 year loan to pay off a purchase of 58 points in the Disney Vacation Club. We are so brainwashed, that not only do we intend to pay off the loan in just over 13 months, but we plan to purchase an additional 58 points once that is accomplished. The mouse has us under his complete control… and we couldn’t be happier about it!

    • Oh definitely if you are staying in the US, then Disney Vacation Club really does seem worth it because they are partnered with so many beautiful resorts all over North America. And it’s especially decent value if you intend to use up your allotted timeshare every year!

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