Bad Moon Rising

So, for one hour only on the 8th of October, the earth came between the sun and the moon, blocking out most of the light from the sun, so that the only light reflected by the moon was red.  So, for that one hour, the moon was a beautiful blood orange colour…

The moon.  Red circle denotes last known position.

The moon. Red circle denotes last known position.

Or it would have been, if we could see it.  At about 9.30 PM, when the eclipse was to begin, the Aged Ps and I headed up to the rooftop of my building to see the moon in all its reddish glory.  Unfortunately, the skies were so overcast that it was nowhere to be seen!

After about half an hour of waiting in the windy cold, it began to drizzle.  Still hoping to catch a glimpse of the moon, we huddled together under the awning and continued to watch the sky.

At about 10 PM, the drizzle had become a small rain, so I went to get an umbrella.  Unfortunately, while I was in the elevator, the moon chose to show itself, but covered up by the time I got back!  @_@  As one neighbour put it, “Someone had to leave the roof in order for it to appear.” (Aw, Man!)

Thankfully, the moon returned at about 10.15 PM for an encore performance and I managed to snap this picture of it with my iPhone.

Where's the moon?

Where’s the moon?

It was a spectacular sight.

PS. By the way, my neighbour had a camera with a telescopic lens.  She managed to snap this picture.

IMG_7151 copy

You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you?


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